women deliberately let you do two things that you can do!

> the women deliberately let you"get the hand"3 kinds of performance, two of them can"get things"!

a:"she will tell you ahead of the physiological period."

, when you're on your date, tell your menstruating woman, it's definitely a sign that you're on your own, and when you can, when you can't.men must understand the opportunity!love, do not seek prosperity 3000, only ask for one heart, love, do not ask for a roar of fierce, only seek not to abandon, this life, the heart has a love, only you are to say, also is happiness.

2:"she would like to travel with you."

three:"she promised and you see a movie tonight."

is a day to watch, but she chooses to go to the movies at the latest, and naturally doesn't want to go home, stay in the hotel for a night, and then can discuss the question of curiosity for a long time.love, is to let a person to live in another heart, simple, only miss, only yearning, happy, sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, ceases to beg, not romantic, because heart is connected, with no regrets, not distance, because the feeling is profound.

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