the province has disappeared from the map of china, but the scenery is beautiful

with the development of china, each city is refurbished progress, some provinces have been revoked and mergers, the 6 provinces in china map disappeared, the scenery is beautiful, you know where is it?

of xikang province song"on the horse hill......""kangding love song"sing on both sides of the changjiang river has become a poetic masterpiece through the ages.however, kangding was once a capital, it has witnessed a china history has disappeared province of xikang province.

, is located in the plateau, located in tibet and sichuan, there are five hundred and thirty-five thousand square kilometers, more than five of zhejiang province.

is chinese however xikang province in modern times the short life of a province, september 1955 formally revoked xikang province, east of the jinsha river county under the sichuan province, from the republic of china to the new chinese, xikang province there are only 16 years and 9 months.

kangding scenery

is famous for its song--running mashan

mountain is famous because of song, there are also many in the world, running mashan may be a prominent one.paoma aka five haizishan, tibetan named"rahm", meaning"fairy hill".


gongga philippines photography/dumpling mountain-shushan king

of gongga mountain is located in ganzi tibetan autonomous prefecture, luding, kangding, three cities and counties in gongga territory of asbestos, mountain as the center, the tibetan word for"village after baishan mountain, white".gongga mountain, known as the king of shushan, is the first peak in sichuan is one of the most beautiful mountains selected by china national geographic magazine.


photographer-xinduqiao corridor

is called"the photographer corridor"is a picturesque land of idyllic, autumn is most suitable, autumn golden bo yang tree, flowing brook, cattle and sheep grazing on the grassland, the mountains are stacked over the distance, a good western sichuan plain scenery.

self driving route:chengdu-luding-kangding-erlang mountain songs(mugecuo)


in chahar province for 40 years in chahar province was established in 1912, belongs to the earlier the qing dynasty, chahar belonged to the mongolian nationality.the provincial capital of chahar has changed from place to place, and there has been no suitable place.

photography/banyan perspective, after the founding of the people's republic of china(

1949), the central government assigned zhangjiakou city into chahar province and became the provincial 1952, chahar province was revoked, and its original jurisdiction belongs to hebei and shanxi provinces.



the capital city of chahar province, zhangjiakou, 2 million years ago the ancient mankind began to live here.5000 years ago, huang di, yan di, chi you,"yi in zhuolu", opened the first chinese civilization.




grassland scenery road along the summer prairie day road, blue sky, grassland scenery magnificent, windmill cluster set, comparable to the windows desktop; and autumn grassland road, is a road, golden road, cenglinjinran.

photography/dh flying snakes


lightning lake

from inner mongolia grassland has been extended across the river in northern zhangjiakou, assembled by lightning lightning lake, the legendary lake water irrigation with tears into the sky, grasslands, lakes, rivers of this rendezvous, hug each other around.


car route:beijing-fengning county, tanghe town soil town pines forest park-birch forest--tan zhen-khan palace-lightning lake-chicheng county-huailai-beijing

rehe province rehe province time early, there are in the qing dynasty during the period of.the emperors of the qing dynasty is a good place for hunting, chengde mountain resort is built for the emperor.

photography/zhao lantao

capital of rehe province of chengde, the main city including chifeng and one of the old administrative divisions of chinese province, is the four province(rehe province, northern chahar province, suiyuan province, ningxia province) of.

1955, rehe province revoked the original area between liaoning, hebei and inner mongolia.among them, chifeng to inner mongolia, chaoyang to liaoning, chengde to far three people are still calling for the restoration of rehe province construction.

photography/apathy bug

scenery of chengde mulan wei chang

dynasty royal court, mulan wei chang, has a long history, was praised as"the home of the cloud, the world of flowers, a forest of the sea, the source of water, wild flowers dotted with sheep, yak walk, a plug on beauty.

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