the most worrying thing about traveling to thailand is really happening!

every year at this time, the four seasons such as summer of southeast asia, and has become one of the destination of chinese tourists diving is incorporated into must challenge the project list, but recently, there are chinese tourists had an accident on the project.

in thailand pattaya to greenland, a chinese tourists to participate in"walk"tourism project, when to dive about 4 metres in depth, ms.jiang suspected frightened or panic, hard struggle out of the"walk" she tore at her own oxygen glass helmet, the water quickly poured into her helmet, and ms.jiang was choked by the water and lost consciousness.

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two years ago, i was in saipan diving for the first time.eight minutes into the water, oxygen bottles suddenly run out of the time, i was five or six meters away from the was's five or six meters below the water, and the pressure of the ear is very high, and the pressure of the oxygen mask is very the bottom of five or six meters, there is no way for the horse to rise.the pressure difference is too great.

was very quiet, only hear your own breathing and heartbeat.once a novice encounters a mask to fill the water and fog, it can be panic, the more panic the more easily the problem.when i was deprived of oxygen, i instinctively tried to pull open the mask and breathe as much as i could on shore.

is lucky to be a one-on-one coach.he immediately gave me his oxygen bottle, took me a little bit, and ended the horrible diving experience.

net friend look after, have also said they had a similar situation, now think is dying...


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