the small town of southeast asia, which can be reached by bus yuan, is a veritable holiday paradise

why do you want to travel?some people are to relax body and mind, to recover lost happiness;some people are to broaden their horizons, to see the wider world.

there are some people, just want to find a no high-rise buildings, no traffic, let the sunshine in the heart, let the fresh air in the chest reflux, measurement time, come out.

you might set the destinations in thailand, serene temple, less people view the beautiful beach, gem market, delicious cheap thai flavor...and noisy, you will reap a wonderful trip.

you may put the destination in nepal, although there is no horse generation of amorous feelings, no french languid is lazy, but this small country, you will find no matter pollution, how pure happiness.

that's right!whether it's visas, transportation, or consumption, many people will be looking to southeast asia.

but in fact, in southeast asia, and a should not be forgotten, but forgotten town.there is no modern mansion, no bustling metropolis, there is quiet harmony, quiet piety, time leisurely.

she is the lao luang prabang.

you may have heard of it, but you never knew it.

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you can't imagine how peaceful it is!

all the golden temple rings with low scripture reading, red robe shadow shuttle in the streets, never complain that people began to a day of primitive and simplicity of life, old and beautiful ancient buildings in the mountain city sunshine bath, ok.

you can't imagine how low the consumption is!

a half-baked chicken with$20,000 old, a fresh juice of 10,000 old coins, a fish of 30,000 old coins, but only about 48 yuan to convert into long as you can play, per capita 3000 can enjoy a week!

crucially, visa here is very convenient, can bai ben travel, and the traffic is really very convenient, from domestic bus can reach 180 southeast asia, already full of chinese tourists, there is a paradise of peace and tranquility.

kunming international long distance bus farthest reach vientiane of laos, along the way after luang prabang, laos.from 5 to 6 pm every evening, the international bus station at kunming nankiln bus station and kunming railway station starts to depart, and it will take 24 hours to luang prabang.from jinghong bus to luang prabang for 180 yuan, only 12 hours.

and laos national religion theravada buddhism, folk simplicity, honesty prevails throughout, even go alone, also don't have to worry about security matters.

in laos, time is used to waste, is used to lazy mood, eyes are used to staring blankly.the same is true in luang prabang, you only need to use a relaxed heart to leave unforgettable memories for yourself.

|| luang prabang morning offering, a warm heart baptism

luang prabang alms is the size of the world's most spectacular huge, even people in southeast asia other countries will also go to here to attend this sacred ceremony.

5 to 6 pm every day, the day is not bright, the street is full of people sitting or kneeling, had one by one in front basket full of glutinous rice and other food, do not look, do not anxious, until the rows of red figure appeared.

:the monks of the red robe, bareheaded, barefoot, quietly and religiously accepting the giving of the giver.

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|| hiking, rock climbing, return to the jungle

if you want to close embrace nature, to a ecological travel.

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you can go through a jungle hike in the primeval forest, climb the cliffs on both sides of the river, and even take a bath on the mekong river.

|| in the western hills, to the beautiful sunset

at the west mountain as the commanding heights of luang prabang, is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset, no dead angle peak viewing can be 360 degrees to luang prabang panoramic view.

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, plain and elegant french villa, solemn and solemn temple, quiet flowing mekong and nankan river, you can see all these beautiful scenery.

|| colorful night market, color and taste experience double feast of

the night market stall luang prabang is not loud and bargaining, market did not break, you can appreciate slowly, slowly can taste local snacks and drink fresh juice.

|| eat old pot

laos is hot pot roast, rinse the next, without fee, a pot dishes also is given priority to with fresh vegetables and red shrimp, snacks and fruit is also very rich, and is a buffet you can let go of the stomach to eat!

the river at night, looking at night, drinking beer, eating hot pot, is really a big enjoy our life!!!!!!!

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double tenth chop one hand what?so can luang prabang can also say go and go!a glimpse of the beautiful scenery, the unforgettable life ·· such a luang prabang you must not miss!

transportation:if you don't want to sit bus, also can to fly from beijing and shanghai.the return ticket for the off-season is only 2,000 yuan.there are no direct flights to luang prabang, all of which need to be transferred in kunming.

time:november to april is the dry season in laos, the temperature is comfortable and the most suitable for travel.

travel, it's never too late to hit the road!



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