the secret north shepherd of the ancient pagoda discovered the treasure

archaeology department excavates a historic site under an ancient pagoda in the northern heilongjiang province, which contains a large number of gold and silver vessels and the qing dynasty porcelain.the discovery of the treasure site was a bizarre one, discovered by a shepherd who took shelter from the rain.

the location of the tower ditch town in the north of heilongjiang province, is under the jurisdiction of the land reclamation and construction corps, called even seven instead develop beidahuang s, now the government to change back to the original name-tower ditch.this is the entrance to the northern wilderness, which was developed in the past year.the conditions are difficult, and the people who have the land of the land will have to rest and prepare the supplies before entering.

this is an ancient town, it is said that there was a lot of gold rush for gold traders here.then the war in the northeast continued, and all the bandits, the town and the gold rush all returned.the people who live here now are outsiders who have come to the east and developed the great north.

:this summer, a sheep man named lin yonghe in the town was grazing on the south slope.suddenly it was raining heavily and he ran to a nearby tower to shelter him from the rain.the name of the town is also related to this ancient one knows what dynasty it was built is said that the tower of the town demon is not really meaningful.

, the bigger the rain outside, the old tower is in disrepair, and the cracks in the tower are leaking in a lot of rain.he looked at the rain, wondering when the rain would stop and the sheep were still in the rain.suddenly, he saw a strange phenomenon, and the flood of rain fell on the ground of the ancient tower, and it quickly went underground.he leaned over and saw that the rain had made the ground clear of a big mouth, and could hear the"gurgling"sound of the rain, and he concluded that the tower was empty.

approved by the archaeological excavations, found this to be a zangbao cellar, nearly 40 square meters of area, the pagoda and the cellar is not a time of the hidden treasure, cellar hidden inside a lot of gold and silver vessels and antique porcelain.who hid the treasure?according to archaeological expert analysis, look from the modelling of the vessels of gold and silver, is typical of the era of russian style, coupled with early have russia"forty-niner activity in this area, so that should be russia does not know what reason to hide under the treasure.

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