hainan which has the potential to buy a small set for the winter to recommend a suitable place?


1, first of all, the baoting of the highest negative oxygen ion in hainan, because it is not close to the sea, it has been ruthlessly ruled out.baoting is the land of longevity, with 95% vegetation coverage, natural oxygen.the two rooms of 100 flat, 3 rooms, probably around 60~ 800,000.if you don't consider the factors of the sea, this is a good place to invest, and the opening of the baoting-haitang bay highway at the end of this year is a major factor in the price increase.in 2020, the central line around the island will be opened, which will also be a selling point.

2, second, ledong, habitat is ledong nine dragons on the shore of the sea bay, side of the selling point of this project is"prison fair", is famous for its unique small family hainan, commonly heard in hainan 190000 a home, you can think of here, although the seaview house prices also broken three thousand, but does not affect people's yearning to low price, after all, friends and relatives yiguo years say hello,"i'm on holiday in hainan's home"is a quite have the face to say hello.the total price of the first floor of the sea is 80 to 1.2 million, and the total price of the jiuxian county, four or five kilometers from the coast, is in the range of 60~ 800 thousand, which is not an example.from the perspective of the practitioner, it is not recommended to buy the property here, and there is little prospect of appreciation.buy, true as some know of the keyboard of the keyboard, guess the lei area of hainan real estate, can't get rid of body.

3, moreover, came to the point.sanya, in fact, is a small town, with only two streets, red flag street and jiefang road.the main city is jiyang district and tianya district, west is the cliff state area, to the east is haitang district.sanya bay area from west to east is cliff state-sanya bay-small east bay-red pond bay(serenity coast)-yalong bay, dadonghai-yulin bay(bay)--haitang bay-soil at bay(beautiful coastline), further east is the clear water bay of lingshui, cliff state current housing price is controlled in 8000~ 20000, cliff state center fishing port and shipping port of nanshan is the selling point of this side, fannie and freddie total prices within the range of 70~ 1.3 million, in line with the budget.hongtong bay is a large airport economic complex under construction in sanya.it is a large airport economic complex, and 3/4 is built to fill the sea.the general price is about 1.8~ 25,000, which exceeds the budget.sanya bay, because it is too long, from the ends of the world to phoenix island, the coconut dream corridor from needless to say, there are no first-line haijing residential projects, but the total price of housing is about 30,000.second line seascape.from eighteen to thirty thousand.over budget.the east china sea is the rich area of sanya, and the half mountain peninsula is the land of the wangs, 45,000, the new home market.second-hand houses are in their early 30s.yulin bay, the new home is about 202, exceed the budget.yalong bay--the first bay in the world, the top four in asia, the sun bay is where the dragon head is, 4.5 hundred million.haitang bay haijing project, 35,000.it doesn't seem to fit the budget.in fact, if you do not want to choose the development of cliff state property, you can purchase property in the yingbin section of jiyang district.just slightly away from the shore, and mr cannot meet demand of 100-fannie mae and freddie mac, you can choose a 60~ 80-fannie mae and freddie mac, the newly opened several projects are good, today opened a vegetation rural projects, for example, a ladder two, blank district, 10031 ping.the double balcony of 80 flat, in 1.08 million.there is no advertisement here, just for example.within 1.3 million, it is really impossible to buy a 100 flat house in the main city of sanya.currently, the average price of the city is around 20,000, and some new projects are starting at 13,500.

4, lingshui, clear water bay, county, perfume bay rest for some time, way of thinking is no longer clear, fannie and freddie or selective 80~ 1.3 million, but not a sea view.