the little spring is full of showing off the house chen xiao chun is a little tired but he said the words du jiang zhang big mouth

in this period of"where are we going to go?", dad and the babies come to the beautiful zagna, the sky is clear sky, the top of the head is white clouds, beautiful scenery makes people was a little cold, but dad and the babies were very, there is always a place to live, so the first link is the house.the village chief gave everyone a hint that there was a box of snow water.

dads to jump to the box, put the box to crush, and then get the card in the box, hearing these words, everyone is terrified, too cold, and on the melted snow, on the other hand, the box there is snow, is not live on the snow mountain!this will get the dads out.du jiang took off his socks.

when deng lun, wu zun, study on modern hotel groups, will liu four men jumped after carefully, the snow is not found, ha, ha, ha, it's natural heads of jordan chan, eldest brother in the mind at this time of the shadow area.sure enough, the next second, big brother's foot and the icy water close contact, the village chief tell everybody:this house is the best house.the routine ah, the foot also not cold, but more hot, big brother and small spring especially happy.

after finding the house chen xiao chun house is really nice, small doing already, small wrinkled his brow, in a hurry to find the door, don't know what is going to do.when he came out, everything was clear.xiao xiaochun sees liu tiong's home in the distance, is a car, then shouts:what are you doing?i'm here.

small puffs and will liu found him, he went on to say that my house is very beautiful, you want to come?little puffs promised him, and max also called him two jasper, but little spring probably didn't hear.little spring plus a time to ask your father is good!it's an imp, and she knows to ask for parental consent.after the little puffs agreed, the little puffs left, and max called a jasper.

small doing finally heard it, said"what,"max said in english,"we will last come there soon!"that means we'll be there soon.but it may be the pronunciation problem, xiaochun analyzed half a day without understanding, can only say to oneself a word"what".

later, the eldest brother to, understand the mind of the little doing, is suggested for a while we look at the little puffs them.the answer is:i want to go to see puffs and neinei.he didn't understand why max was talking to him, but he knew max was looking for him, so he didn't just have to look for puffs, he wanted to go to neinei, but in his heart, his friends were important.see here, many people say small spring is too lovely, too careful.

when assemble in front will liu tent, small doing this little a briefcase to sell his house, everywhere have been want to attract people's attention.but helplessly everyone is helping, also did not care him.later, chen xiaochun reminded him, said yes, ok, everyone knows.his voice was a little serious, and it sounded a little impatient.the other people did not notice themselves, little spring is very sad.

the study on modern hotel groups, so study on modern hotel groups is a thoughtful boy, asked him last time my family is a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, do you want to change my, your home is a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, this time we want to change.the clever little spring thought to think, go forward a few steps say:i take you to see first.hahaha, still forget to sell the house ah!but a lot of people feel small spring this is to show off own house ah, a bit make public.

later under will liu proposal, finally you are going to visit small doing house, finally get it.little spring is also very happy!he talked to dujiang again, and xiaochun said very seriously:you can all live together in my home together, because then you can play with the little puffs, bamboos, max, neinei and mmmm.

this is too warm, you this just understand, originally small doing is to let people live together, then you can play with all people, hear the words, the expression of the mouth of study on modern hotel groups made wow, should be doing small warm here, really is too fond of the child.


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