how was the powerful lebanese hezbollah born?

lebanon is a small country in the middle east with an area of 10,000 square kilometers and a population of 60.10 million, with more than half of the shiite muslim population.its northern and western neighbors are syria, and its southern neighbor is israel.

is a part of ottoman turkey before 1920, france got syria and lebanon in accordance with the treaty of the treaty of the ottoman empire.

the small country is north lebanon

look at a map, knew that the lebanese state is small, the geographical position is very important, and there is a natural harbor.

for better control of lebanon, france also draws a lot of syrian territory to lebanon.the aim is to keep the christian, sunni and shia populations of lebanon roughly equal, and the three parties to each other, and france to take the overall picture.

, but the plan can't keep up with the 1943, france withdrew from the middle east during world war ii, and lebanon gained independence.

in history, is the main sunni ruling factions, accumulated a lot of wealth and political capital, sunni has emerged in many senior officials and wealthy businessmen, they also have a place of the most powerful political status.shias are mostly poor, and the sunni attitude towards shiites is more a matter of contempt than hatred.

in lebanon, before the founding of the main political power is a maronite christian and islamic follows druze, after the founding of the people are christian maronite and sunni islam.maronite held the presidency, while sunnis held the post of prime minister.

, although the role of parliament speaker was assigned to the shiites, the influence of this role cannot be compared with the previous two.shi 'ites are insignificant if they are to be counted as the virtuous of the society.when lebanon was founded in 1946, the malonites accounted for 40 per cent of the country's social sages, while sunnis accounted for 27 per cent, and the shiites only 3.2 per cent.

if, according to the population, the founding of new china with sunni, shiite population after forty years, due to the shia ultra high birth rate, according to estimates, its population has nearly twice as much as the sunnis, and close to the sunnis and maronite combined.

in wealth, shi 'ite is dwarfed, lebanon's poorest population is almost shia, distributed in refugee is also difficult for shias to accumulate wealth and political capital because of the solidification of their internal communities.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/puntil the end of the 1970s, shias had not had their own armed forces.

results, shias are the most bullied small role in lebanon, whether in peacetime or in wartime.

, from 1975 to 1991, lebanon experienced 16 years of civil war, although it was on and off, but the war was carried out by various armed forces.the most influential shiite hezbollah forces.


on the one hand, the lebanese shia population, but not their own, people are very eager to have a team of armed.on the other hand, among the three main factions in lebanon, shias are among the worst, and are being bullied by the other two.and because israel is close to israel, shias are the target of retaliation.the day was too desperate.

.the most important thing is that in 1979, iran's islamic revolution succeeded, and iran became a shiite stronghold.the most remarkable outcome of iran's exports of revolutionary ideas is hizbullah in lebanon.

, 1982, after israel invaded lebanon.iran has secretly dispatched 1,500 revolutionary guards to lebanon to help the lebanese shiite people establish and train their forces, and this new arm is hezbollah.

lebanese hezbollah accepts iranian leadership and iran trains soldiers and supplies equipment.hezbollah's greatest feature is fighting tenacity, and it always does the best job.

hezbollah is the most daring to fight israel.israel is good at dealing with egypt and jordan, and it can do anything for hamas, which has embarrassed israel and won't win outright.

the elite yikongjun

in 2006, israel had to use a large number of aircraft missile to destroy hizbullah's missile launch system, from the number with the six day the six day war, egypt, syria, jordan, aircraft missile system almost completely destroyed, but 2006 years later, hezbollah can still organize effective counterattack, asing if is immortal.

is a spirit that is not afraid of the earth, and has created a new balance between israel and lebanon, maintaining the peace in southern lebanon.hezbollah is also respected in lebanese factions and is still allowed to join the government without disarming.

on the ruins of the wedding

the establishment of hezbollah from lebanon's shiite insignificant role emerged as the most say, very charismatic in shiite population.

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