traveling in the hotel with my parents-in-law a decision made our family of four joke

my home is rural, my husband's home is the city.when i met in college.when i was a kid, i heard adults say that the city people were particularly timid.the bowl for dinner was smaller than the soup spoon in our village.when i knew my husband, my husband was very generous, until i finally got married and my in-laws lived together.really see the different in-laws.

my mother-in-law usually really frugal, the new home decoration light living room is really beautiful, but the in-laws do not let go, said one hour you have to waste electricity, and then the father looking for someone in the living room and installed a light bulb, usually let the light bulb open, that the kind of dim light made me feel like i was back to skin is very good, basically no make-up, but i also use some skin care products, every time my mother saw that i bought the skin care products will say, do not use these, which are all chemical substances , on the skin is not good, i always felt that your skin is not good, is to use this skin care products.i said, i recently stayed up late to work overtime, stay up late to the skin is not mother-in-law went on to say that it was definitely not.i think it was for those skin care see how good my skin is.i do not need those things.i tell you that it is best to wash the noodles with boiled noodles.times you mother-in-law really make me dumbfounded, did not expect the next day my mother cooked noodles really called me to the kitchen that let me try, and finally her husband saved me.

this is nothing, more it is ridiculous and exasperating year eleven we all holiday for a few days, my mother proposed a family of four to travel, my husband and i also agree, we went to discuss the place, to the destination, we went to find hotels, to the hotel front desk, my husband said to two rooms.voice just lost her mother said that what kind of room ah, let's four rooms on the line.people are shocked to hear the front desk asked, you four one room? then i saw a lot of tourists around looking at us, i suddenly face a red pull her husband, her husband whispered, mom, what do you think? have you seen a wife and father live in a room? this time my father made a speech, then what, i and you a bed, your mother and huang xin(my name) a bed, why not? in a word my face is even redder finally, my husband did not explain the direct opening of two rooms, my in-laws because my husband did not listen to them has been nagging in our ears that we waste.alas, it may be that her in-laws have no daughters so i just do not know aso, my dad never did, from my childhood to my dad into the room will knock on the door.parents also suffer from over, so usually frugal, and thrift is a virtue, but also can not throw the virtues, we as a young generation to learn, but later also told her in-laws, the thrifty thrifty, frugal should not be thrifty, for example, travel to live in hotels.

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