how do you shoot? do not cut your waist with scissors

go out to travel, if you do not take a few photos, as if you have not been to

good travel is our friends circle friends

but also the best record of travel

how to shoot in the travel to how to shoot it

sort out some of their own photos

look at those years b



apparel is very important when we travel, different scenery with contrast clothing, give you photos plus points

whether it is a beach holiday wind, or national the wind, or the wind with the wind, etc.

as long as the clothing to wear on, and how beautiful how to


in short, it is necessary to wear plain clothes can not wear, and then experience the different life

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when traveling is the most frightening is the sea of ​​people, leading to become tourists, rather than beautiful scenery


at this time want to shoot the good scenery, it is best in the early morning or so less time to shoot the best

in the evening when the light is on, you can use the sea level of the dividing line, the lights reflect the water

the light in the evening house

do not look

i do not see

i just do not see, i want to play water

let me give you a back

see birds do not look at the lens, enjoy the use of props can be used around you, in short, naturally relaxed expression

into life

travel will let you relax, change the way to experience life

the people and things you meet on the journey will become particularly interesting

it is best to fit into the local, like the locals to live

three play in the sale of meng

how to cut the cake, they also learn their own hands

invited to enjoy the seafood, but also come up with their own musical instruments to sing the song to sing to

friendly hobby, to song friends, no national restrictions

readily recorded

when you really do not know what you want to shoot when

then casually record some interesting things

not necessarily beautiful, as long as you feel meaningful


(look at this clear blue water, sorry, i[/p>

(i promise you to pick the stars, but, sorry, i only picked the sun)

backlight shoot

(backlight is good, you will glow, haha ​​

backlight to shoot the contours of the united states and hair texture) sometimes you think that the photo was smashed, do not rush to delete, perhaps look back will be very interesting

because sometimes the lens is the most true

sometimes you will find that the photographer's posture will be more interesting

i think we should go out after a certain period of time.

you may not be able to play your life after you definitions decisively to pursue their dream life

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