here is the most beautiful in shanxi three places! also will focus on creating the place!

september 21, the governor of the building of a deep exposition of the yellow river, the great wall, taihang three major tourist ideas ideas.

said:the soul of the yellow river in shanxi, the great wall expo in shanxi, the united states taihang line in continue to do excellent wutaishan, yungang grottoes, pingyao ancient city of the three major tourism brands at the same time, to speed up the construction of"lok water, shangcheng, chongshan"tourism brand system, forging the great wall of the great wall taihang tourism new brand, and create a cultural tourism integration innovation pattern.

october 1-october 8, the yellow river tv special program"watch the mountains and rivers"will be the expedition and interview results for the show, for the world audience to show a culture of shanxi, a shanxi, a fashionable shanxi...

the soul of the yellow river in shanxi

shanxi since ancient times is called the mountains and rivers, it lies in the yellow river mother's arms in the creation of a splendid culture and a heavy history.yellow river north from guiguan county lao niu bay entry, arrived in ruicheng county fenglingdu and east fold, south to yuanqu county grind ditch exit, through 4 cities 19 counties 560 villages, the process of 965 km, close to the yellow river one-fifth.

lin county, linxian

the yellow river detachment along the highway along the yellow river, to explore the qikou town of civilization, the artist's"darling"ancient village of li jiashan,"the yellow river nine song in the king,"said the stone floor of the bay, in yonghe qiankun bay, the yellow river also found a built in the yuan dynasty, is about to disappear in the village of yin river village, of course, the yellow river mother left us a wealth of resources, thousands of years to nurture the people on both sides, in recent years with the rise of tourism, is to let the people along the yellow river has been a real economic income, east village is one of them.

a lot of people who have seen hukou waterfall, but people who know it rarely, this time the yellow river team also revealed a lot of hukou waterfall secret, into the hukou waterfall near a mysterious mountain village ancestral mountain, the only one to"ancestors"named mountains, into here, as if into the fairy tale, where the number of hidden can not explore the legend is not known?

the great wall expo in shanxi great wall, carrying two thousand years of history and culture, experienced too many vicissitudes of history, has become a great symbol of the chinese nation.shanxi is located in the forefront of agricultural civilization and nomadic civilization conflict and integration, north of the earth, several times campaign, several times fighting, several mulberry, several degrees defend the shanxi, ping fan beijing, as every central plains dynasty of unremitting efforts, from the warring states to the ming and qing dynasties more than two thousand years, the dynasty in shanxi built a total of more than 7000 miles of the great wall, there are still relics still there are thousands of miles or so, making shanxi become one of the largest distribution of the great wall.

the great wall the unit arrived in one of china's most beautiful ten canyons, cattle bay, to listen to the great wall guardian of the city's story, it is because the great wall at the foot of the people of the generation of careful guardian, masterpiece of human civilization-the great wall was the greatest degree of protection.of course, the new mechanism for the reform, shanxi tourism into a new vitality, but also to the old cattle bay full of vitality.

as a witness to the history of the war the great wall, had to dig the great wall frontier, military, agriculture, animal husbandry, trade and other historical and cultural elements, the yellow river team has to explore the existing national scale of the largest combat readiness off the underground great wall, the great wall and miles tea road intersection to kill the tiger's mouth, zuo yun tian tian ming, witness the nation blending and market prosperity of the towers, in guangwu city, quest san jin xiong guan in the legendary story, feel the great wall of the simple and kind.

great wall division close to the great wall of shanxi, , west mouth and other strong historical and cultural atmosphere, completed a perfect history through.

tai mei taihang in shanxi

shanxi and hebei, henan at the junction of the taihang mountains, tall and tall mountains tall and straight, more cliffs deep valley, qifeng different stone, very spectacular.yangquan city, jinzhong city, changzhi city, jincheng city, the main line of taihang landscape scenery, is thousands of miles of taihang mountains scenery of the most magnificent part of the long history of the taihang mountains also left a very rich cultural relics.

in the"taihang mountain mysterious line", the taihang team to take the long line of eight rows of the longest preserved baixing trail, guest ditch in the downtown double bottom village, feel how to get rich through the tourism village.xiga ditch not only terrain to the beautiful scenery, known as shanxi's"peach blossom spring", tin cliff gully road is because of its dangerous terrain and chisel open the"taihang spirit"famous.

tin cliff ditch wall-road

"does into the taihang mountains, hard to find the beauty of the mountains,"taihang line has traveled by yuejiazhai, with"the north small jiuzhai,"said tongtian gorge, not only a landscape of the tour, it is a history and culture of guanlan.from the town of lecheng county, 40 km away from the town of xishui village, the original vegetation preserved intact, magnificent natural scenery, bizarre myths and legends, unique folk customs, rich folk handicrafts formed a unique view of the ear.

in the taihang mountains, there have been many red revolutionary stories, retains a large number of revolutionary relics, li chengxian small village of jidan bank is one of the predecessors of the people's bank of china, the difficult times of production and self-help and active revolutionary old areas made a significant contribution to the economy , also for the establishment of the new china has made immortal feats, where witnessed a generation of revolutionaries, financial people of the towering years

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