escape from the north also can not escape the forced marriage of the panic only leftovers left no leftovers

as a single you, please fasten your seat belt, even if you fled the north wide, or can not escape the fear of being forced to marry.

i am single, you control it?

this story has to start from my big cousin, she is the quality of the left women typical, beautiful flowers, older unmarried

won the money, drink the wine, smoke the smoke, the work was tired of the ground to say that the journey away.

this year the first person who control you money money, as long as you are married when the single, you are everyone to discuss the hot, so the big cousin also"honor"was ushered in a quiet forced to marry...

received an anonymous phone, the other said he is a matchmaker of the matchmaker, to inquire about the big cousin registered marriage and marriage network of choice.

at that time the big cousin is a bit hair ignorant, who registered their own marriage network? of course, the answer is only a third party, that is, chong darling her a mother.

at that time is catching up with the shopping mood, did not say a few words to hang up the phone.after two days, and received a matchmaker phone, simple greeting after the introduction of the man's situation.

"a top 500 internet it executives, monthly salary of 30,000, beijing account, car has real estate, the current house is a loan."

cousin asked to ask the matchmaker,[/p]

his situation just like you, has not found a satisfactory, so registered our members, hoping to use our platform to successfully off a single.

before he could finish, second cousin to understand the routine matchmaker, interrupted in the middle:forget it, i'm not going to find the object.

do you think the matchmaker will let go? no, he will be pursued:ms., you are 28 years old, say you will mind, you are at the top of the gold parabola, once the age line, marriage and child will be restricted.

originally young women on this issue is very sensitive, but why some people have to go to the muzzle drill.

cousin a smoke with anger, hate his sentence:i results are not married, have to do with you, your family is eating rice, or spend the money to your home.

go away and the story is still over.big cousin may never dream, he will have any relationship with the marriage network.

from the last dialogue also a month's time, the big cousin has received a marriage network matchmaker's phone, although for the mobile phone number, but a voice to know is the same person.

funny is the bride spoiled, the phone is this:miss liu hello, before my colleagues with you to communicate, when you have no intention to find the not know a month passed, need not need us to provide services for you.

big cousin is very impatient to get back:thank you, no, i have found a boyfriend.

fun people will hang up the phone turned around, happens to meet the love of the child, break the casserole in the end:miss liu, this month you have a boyfriend, i think you are not very understanding of each other it in my years of work experience, your chance of marriage or a certain risk ah.

cousin heard this on the angry whole body itch, do not go back to the heart of a boring nausea:who set the object must be married ah, is your provisions? you really bother, i did not intend to get married, no risk, do not have insurance.

matchmaker a cousin to say"no marriage"than my aunt also worried, quickly said:liu, i say unpleasant words, your 28-year-old, already can not afford to waste time.i give ms.liu a sincere proposal, in order not to delay themselves, you can come to our platform to participate in activities on weekends, just in case!

cousin drifting overhead countless little point, saying older children aside this thing first,"just in case"can say such things! in order to promote the order, really out of the house, to persuade customers to"derailment"

so threw him a word:we feel so ruthless, this kind of activities do not need to participate, do not have to introduce me later.

words are said on this sake, matchmaker continue to sell the hands of the"diamond man":liu, here is really a very good man, a construction engineer, beijing accounts, house in tongzhou.the only requirement is to find a good girl, you really do not consider it? there is no boyfriend and marriage, are more can see ah!


love is not in the market pick radish cabbage, while walking to see just buy.

what kind of love where the price tag, the quality is good or bad.if you think this person to accompany you for the rest of your life, worthy of their own truth, how can easily sell love.the

big cousin single in the past few years, people around that she was very poor.aunt in order to force the marriage, secretly to her registration marriage network; matchmaker for performance, irresponsible arbitrary spray.

we do not complain about who, just want to prove to yourself that you have the courage to pursue"like".

only big cousin know that, not easy to get married, in fact, is not reconciled.watching the love of men cheating with others to marry, they are not willing to marry this life too bad.

so, if you do not understand a person's heart, do not easily conclude.

only leftovers, no women left

in the eyes of friends and family and marriage matchmaker net, big cousin this age still single, is simply ridiculous, this group is honored to have known"left woman".

2007 china women's federation will be"left women"is defined as the age of 27 years of age unmarried women, and even the chinese ministry of education will be the concept of income official dictionary.

25 to 27-year-old single women called"left fighter"because"courage to find a spouse.

the 28-30 year old single woman is called"must leave customer"because"there is not much chance, the career takes them all the time"

will be 31 to 35 years old of the single women called"fighting the left buddha", they"work hard in the workplace, the cause is good but no marriage."

the 35-year-old unmarried women called"qi tian big left", they"have luxury apartments, private cars, companies, but always lonely life."

the role of each person is different, the position will be different.for the definition of this research, just want to say:"left women"is what you think, we do not feel that they are left, but"wayward"choice of a person's life.

2015"luyu about"specifically for a single person to do a program, the theme is"how i am a person."

lu yu in the program to ask a few single living alone youth:a person living, bring you the greatest feeling is what? what is your greatest growth?

a single white-collar worker who lives in beijing for six years speaks like this:

"one person 's life gives me the greatest feeling that you learned how to get along with yourself./p>

you can find a comfortable state, you will know more about yourself.

know what you want, what kind of life will make me feel more needed./p>

her answer gives us a deeper thought and will ask ourselves:

every day submerged in the crowd, because the work will touch a variety of people, facing a variety of customers.have you ever thought that you are actually passive, is not you willing to want the situation?

but when you are alone, you will be calm and have to sort out their own state of life.

so, single life is one of the most valuable and most enjoyable stage, more and more people take the initiative to choose such a life.

not because the object can not be found and left, but for the pursuit of life heart assured, so a person will not be afraid.

love to love, wait for what

life is most of the time is the rice oil and salt, when you like a person, will be willing to enjoy with him plain, even if already no initial freshness.

for example, to buy food, cooking, watering, washing dishes, blowing cool breeze to drink beer, pressing the road stroll the dog.

like the"left is king"fragment, kim shing-jie said i love it, and for her, this is a long time for her to adhere to a guideline, as a father, i should be a with her to guard.

as long as she finds out, i will accompany her, she should think with their favorite people, grow old, head held, looking forward, as if to win the same.

i do not marry him, she is more than the victory gesture let me see with her mother, that expression more proud......"

do not care secular vision, if your friends or relatives are also anxious in the single anxious, it is determined to stand beside them

and then patted their shoulders and told them:"the world only has the feeling of getting married, without the age of marriage."

cowherd and weaver, a year before pulling a hand, we can not be free to treat love.

finally to leave a message,"how do you see the left woman?", there are"registered marriage network"please raise their hands!"

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