wuhan as the first big city after the province who is expected to become a new leader?

the central city of central china, the only sub-provincial city in central china, is also the birthplace of the most developed cities in central china, the birthplace of the chinese municipality directly under the central government, and was the first municipality in china.hankou is second only to shanghai's second largest city in china, and it is also famous in asia."it is wuhan, convenient transportation,"reputation, is the only inland port in china can match the coastal ports of several major cities, wuhan was really strong before.today, wuhan has been shirked by the voice, the majority of the central region needs an absolute leader, none other than wuhan, then after which is expected to become the new capital of hubei city?

jingzhou, hubei prefecture-level cities, i am sure you will be surprised why jingzhou the new province will appear in the yangtze river on the edge of a great possibility, but also radiation throughout the hubei, wuhan, if the municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the entire east will not exist, jingzhou's geographical location is good, the north is xiangyang, the east is jianghan city, area, the west is the three gorges yichang.its disadvantage is that the economy is not to force, if once the capital, the infrastructure will certainly be improved, the economic overtake xiang is possible.jingzhou is powerful.jingzhou, ancient times called"jiangling", located in the middle reaches of the yangtze river, jianghan plain hinterland, an area of ​​14,100 square kilometers, population 6.58 million.jingzhou is the state council announced the first batch of 24 national historical and cultural city of china, china's outstanding tourist city, or an important road transport hub and the yangtze river port city.jingzhou is a long history of the city, is an ancient culture and modern civilization pavilions of the riverside city.jingzhou reputation as"emperors of the capital","prime minister of the city","poetry city".xiangyang, hubei prefecture-level city, since ancient times is the chinese military strategists will be the dispute.

to, known as"iron hit xiangyang","china's first city"reputation.xiangyang close to henan, excellent educational resources, convenient transportation, in the han river economic zone! xiangyang, located in the northwest of hubei province, han river in the middle of the plains of the hinterland, the provincial sub-central city, the national historical and cultural city, chu culture, chinese culture, the three countries of the main birthplace of culture.xiangyang is located in the xiangshan water named after the han river through the city, separated from the north and south sides of the xiangyang, fancheng across the river, the two cities are the history of military and commercial city.2016 gdp total value of 369.45 billion yuan, ranking third in hubei.yichang, hubei province, the economy of the second city, and this economy is still not

for these three cities, who do you prefer? wuhan, one of china's most beautiful provinces, welcome your arrival.