so far can not explain the three supernatural phenomena hidden thousands of years mystery stunning science community

yo up to see the world, calmly go science and technology has been very developed today, there are still many mysterious phenomena waiting for us to explore and, to say that the three boulders is the reality of the real existence of the phenomenon, but for centuries or even thousands of years, scientific research still did not unlock their mystery.

located in myanmar zaituo town on the edge of the cliffs of burmese stone, stone the body height of about 7.6 meters about 611 tons(about 122 million pounds), in the boulder also built a 7.3 meters above the fine pagoda, millions of pounds of stone and the pagoda as a whole look like a gravity generally shakily standing at an altitude 1100 meters on the top of the hill, it seems that at any time may fall in the valley.look carefully, big stone and ground base only a little contact, almost vacant.

but it is surprising that the stone has been standing here for centuries, why can the boulder stand for thousands of years, there are all kinds of argument but not, the boulders have been burmese buddhists as"gods"thing, boulder surface is also covered with gold foil, believers will regularly worship, but women are not allowed to touch the big stone, only far from looking.

look at the mysterious ancient boulder-anas pull is located in saudi arabia's tama oasis, this piece of stone more than 4,000 years ago stumped the is the most magical is the middle of the stone there is a straight crack, the stone is precisely divided into two parts, the two very clean two very clean.looks like a very precise tool to deal with so perfect.many people think that such a high precision is like laser cutting.

many people think that such a high precision is like laser cutting.but some experts say that this laser-type precision cutting is not artificially caused.after the discovery of the boulder, attracted a large number of scientists to explore its formation.

despite the fact that many experts have studied it, no one has ever known when the stone is separated, what way is it separated.

finally, look at a world's most cattle sun gate, it is 1500 years ago by the bolivian ancient tiawana culture built boulder solid stone arches.on september 21 each year, the first sun of dawn always enters the earth from the middle of the stone gate, and it is also called the"sun gate".

the sun gate is also a mystery, so far the scientific community can not explain.the first is the handling of the mystery, it is a weight of about 20 kilograms of single rock casting, from the distant titicaca lake on a peninsula thousands of years ago, there is no means of transport, not to mention the heavy tools such as cranes, the ancients is how only by the manpower to re-hundred tons of boulders shipped to la paz it?

at present, many people believe that it is probably a world leading to another world of the portal, it is known as the"alien"of the"lake miracle".

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