on the map can not find the seventh into the tibetan section will disappear after the year

like to tibet by the friends are aware of the maintenance of the road(bing jia line or c) is the county of gongshan county, yunnan province in the middle of the town-chawalong township-chayu county, dian the new channel is the eastern part of the highway, which is about 270 kilometers long, including the highway and the check line, which was opened in 2009 and was called the seventh route to tibet.

say it is a highway, i am afraid some far-fetched.

in fact, the police line is just connecting the simple road between urban and rural areas, tibet is the most dangerous route, but the scenery is the most beautiful original route.due to poor road conditions, the road is dangerous, few people choose to hide from here, which also makes the prosecution more mysterious.

the police station is from the yunnan nu river in the middle of the road to the town of chawang county, tibet chawang long township ma post road, which is the main channel of the main road, it crossed the qinghai-tibet plateau and yunnan-guizhou plateau border transition zone, from yunnan most northwest of the c in the luo, by the southeastern end of tibet chawalong, stopped in the southeastern tibet.this is a must for every rider or for every person who wants to conquer tibet.this is more dangerous than the sichuan-tibet 318 line, more than the arab-israeli ring more wilderness, through which there will be between heaven and hell feelings.

bingzhongluo town

bingzhongluo town, located in yunnan nujiang county gongshan county, the northernmost, and tibet linzhi area adjacent to the county.deep in the nu river grand canyon in the town of c in the town of nujiang into the first stop of yunnan, yunnan is the last of the last town.in addition to the han nationality there are 15 ethnic minorities, of which dulong, nu, lisu, tibetan accounted for 99% of the total population.the most populous is the nu, accounting for more than 5,000 people in the township more than half.

south, is one of the top ten mountain spirit, meaning white lion, because yamagata resembles the lion, the rock is full of milky lamb jade marble, hence the name.can be car up the mountain view, the mountain mountain flowers blooming, beautiful scenery, considerable two-like peaks, fairy peaks, fairy cave, climbing far from the c-lu bazi and the magnificent nujiang first bay at a glance.

shenshan, nujiang first bay panoramic view.the first bay of the nu river is located in the southern part of the middle of the river, because the nu river was ruled by the slope of the circumference of 270 º bend formed.nu river flows around the encounter wang qing large rock cliff barrier, the river from the north to south from east to west, out of more than 300 meters, and was blocked by the danla mountain road, once again u-turn from west to east , where the formation of a semi-circular large bay, terrain is very dangerous.

a small village known for its beautiful pastoral scenery, and at the northern end of cloo, the few families scattered in the valley.from here and then move forward, after a section of no smoke, you can enter tibet, and here is the most northern tip of the nu river.

due to the degree of hardship, even referred to as"the map is not identified on the simple road", because this into the tibetan road every moment will create a variety of intentions of the danger, nujiang canyon steep and mountain narrow enough to make every fear of patients with collapse, extremely rough rough road, it is more than the pentium nujiang river but also people frightened.

began, yunnan-tibet highway construction of yunnan-tibet new channel until 2017 are undergoing reconstruction, for a period of three years, of course, c-line is the most difficult transformation of the road section.this means that after 2017, the al-qaeda road will disappear in history.

road, coupled with frequent geological disasters, making pao tong work has become extremely difficult.yunnan tibet new channel(tibet) yunnan tibetan community to zhaoyu county zhaowang town highway reconstruction project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017 opened to traffic.(the territory of tibet) the existing road for the external village road, terrain geological conditions complex, roadbed protection drainage, bridge and culvert facilities is seriously lacking, no road grade, poor disaster resistance, poor road conditions, seriously restricting the pace of ethnic minorities along the poor.the renovation of the project can improve the line flat longitudinal line; remediation disease; refurbishment and widening of the roadbed; paving the road; an increase of bridge and drainage works; additional necessary traffic safety and custody facilities, making the vehicle traffic more secure , comfortable, driving speed is also a corresponding increase.

it is understood that before driving from chawalong township to chayu county needs nearly 13 hours, and the road is very poor, prone to security incidents.if the road is opened, from chawalong to chayu county to drive only 8 hours, and traffic safety can also be greatly improved.

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