a country is only a little more than beijing visa-free access to china

there is an island nation in the south pacific, consisting of 332 islands, there are 106 islands with residents, the national population is equivalent to a county in our country, about 900,000 people.land area of ​​only 18,000 square kilometers, larger than beijing, the country's name is fiji.fiji called the"crossroads"on the south pacific, and its history originated from the"crossroads"in the south pacific.

an adventure story, the legend has a big chiefs with tribal people out of the sea, did not expect the storm proud and indulgent, so that a pedestrian lost in the direction of the sea, can only follow the crowd, drift drift, and finally drift to an island, the history of fiji.

the chief lord is located near the vuda marina in the west bank of fiji's main island, now called first landing, about 2 acres of land, shaped like a giant left foot.

1643 dutch sailor abel tasman found the original ecology of fiji , the first half of the 19th century europeans began to move into.fiji was brave, most dared to fight with the whale, but could not avoid the fate of the british colonies, 1874 is the beginning of the history of fiji colonial, beaten poor sovereignty, full of sad.

1879 to 1916, the british"colonial sugar company"shipped hundreds of indian contract workers, in fiji land reclamation of sugarcane.1881 came to the indian workers to do a census, a total of 588 indians statistics, be a small crowd.did not expect the indian workers to grow sugarcane during the day, at night to engage in childbirth, even in 1946 the number of more than the local fijians.until 10 october 1970, fiji's independence, the indian population is still more than the population of fiji.fiji people shame and then brave, hard to have children, and finally in 1996.

return to the leading position.it was only in politics and life that the fijians had been striking against indians so that indians could not have substantial land rights in fiji and amended the constitution to make it impossible for indians to become president of fiji.

fiji and china established diplomatic relations on 5 november 1975, the relationship has been good.in the 150th anniversary of the anti-fascist victory in 2015, the square of the skirt was from fiji's officers and men.

in the south pacific countries, only fiji only let our expedition the ship is here to supply, the next figure that ocean 6 in the fiji capital suwa port parked.since september 10, 2007, fiji has granted chinese citizens a visa free of charge.

treatment.although fiji is free of charge, but the passport must be brought, and valid for more than six months.if we chinese customs asked you:why your passport does not have any country visa?

at this point, you only need to come to fiji's ticket to the customs, customs will be seconds to understand.in addition, travel to fiji can generally stay 14 to 30 days, up to stay for 4 months.

go to fiji to transfer from hong kong to hong kong to fiji for about 9 hours , fiji has only one international airport, in the third largest city of nadi.on the plane, be sure to listen carefully to the staff to explain and introduce, because the local customs wages are low, fine is an important source of income, so the tourists will be particularly strict.

a visitor because of an apple, stunned was fined 500 dollars, if not satisfied with the complaint will be.of course, in addition to apple, with nuclear fruit all do not, because the island's ecological environment is fragile, alien species without natural enemies, will affect the local ecology, apples, pears, dates and so on are seeds, can not enter the country.fiji has an ideal tropical climate in the south pacific, and even in december, temperatures remain around 23 to 31 degrees.fiji has a variety of styles of luxury hotels, but also preserved the most primitive villages, the two get along.the men and women on the island love to wear flowers, all wear skirts.blue sea and blue sky, you can see the dark skin of the island barefoot, singing and dancing on the beach, full of simple primitive beauty.fiji has many unique places, such as fiji is located on the 180-degree warp, and there are many unique places in fiji, such as fiji, is one of the world's first sunrise places; there is a real"peach heart"island, totally natural, magnificent; hundreds of thousands of people in the country so far no one suffering from cancer, is said to be the locals used eat apricot; diving enthusiasts can dive directly to the shark feeding, without drilling into the cage; like parachuting can fall from 12,000 feet of high altitude and overlooking the beautiful fiji islands...

fiji has with such spectacular beauty and unique charm, it is no wonder that some people say that fiji is a poor life to go to the place.