with the city of heaven this year, why the national day to hangzhou, more than ten thousand to go to suzhou?

november, to coincide with national day run into the mid-autumn festival, the major attractions west lake in hangzhou, shanghai bund, beijing forbidden city, beijing great wall, huangshan in anhui, shandong taishan, gulangyu year, the old town of lijiang are overcrowded.in this many cities, there is a city stand out, the national day eight days a total of 18.64 million tourists trips , the city, is the famous, with a pool of water"west lake"famous zhejiang hangzhou.

and since ancient times, and hangzhou named the paradise of the city"suzhou", national day tourists a total of about 6.1 million, a total of more than 1200 million less than hangzhou.

what is the reason, xiaobian analysis of the next, there are several reasons:

west lake near, for people, this is much more convenient than watching many attractions in suzhou.third, the west lake is too famous, so that the pool is not the same as the pool.the reputation of the lake, more than all the attractions of suzhou, if not jiangsu, zhejiang and tourists, brought hangzhou, we all know that the west lake, and mention suzhou, but do not know what specific attractions.

improve urban services, enhance the image of the city, compared to suzhou, hangzhou, this area to do better.

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