remember the thai husky cafe? now buy a cup of coffee to send a husky

hewlett-packard's friends should remember how much thailand has a husky cafe, here is the huskies as the theme of the cafe, where not only has a dozen beautiful husky, and the decoration of the entire cafe style revealing the breath of husky, and even the coffee shop and a variety of coffee and cake.

to the courtyard of the cafe to greet visitors, this big wave of husky ran out, is not being sprouted.

this is the husky cafe inside the decoration style, filled with everywhere husky dolls, so that friends like dogs like to come to heaven.

there is a very visible sign on the wall of a cafe, a husky under the head followed by a coffee cup.

although the decoration of the cafe is not very luxurious, but gives a very warm feeling, the counter side of the sale of a variety of cakes, came here like dessert friends is a tribute.

this is the coffee shop special brewing soda cold drink, look very beautiful and it seems very good to drink like.

this is the cafe inside the gourmet snacks, delicious chicken and roasted pizza chicken wings, as well as everyone to eat fries and vegetables salad.

several old members of the husky café with some snacks in the cafe.the

this is a guest in the café courtyard with husky interactive play, the cafe since since the opening business has been very hot, and recently there have been chinese tourists to.

a visitor picked up a plump husky, which expression a little mentally retarded ah!


tourists interact with the cafes of husky, this is the beauty of tourists who are rubbing pastry face, this pair of expressions is also envied.

a beautiful tourist holding a husky, two kazakhstan out of the tongue , is this to show off to companions?

the meal is over and the husky jumps high, meaning that the staff fed it to the food, and they thought that who jumped high to eat, this is a bounce who is not the right side of the more naughty are climbing the fence.

this is the cake of the husky cafe, where the theme of the coffee with the cake are the husky, so the cake here is so long, is not it very artistic

this cup of husky you drink it? looks pretty cute.

recently, a coffee shop in the cafe gave birth to a nest baby, looks very cute, recently because the guests of these few husky cafes are full every day.

founder wonderful in order to meet the wishes of the guests, to every guest who came to drink coffee, free"gift"a small husky, these little lovely duty is to accompany guests to drink cold, in fact they just lying on the table comfortable to sleep on the sleep.

four cups of cold drinks and four super meng of small husky.

one of the close-up of a husky is simply bleeding.

small husky with cake, want to touch a hold hold it?

for a corner shot, but also meng meng da da.

visitors hold one of the small husky.

erha:where am i? what am i doing?

, of course they may want to take it home.