the country bombarded by the united states bombardment million tons of bombs now live by dumb

if the amount of per capita bombing to count, laos is certainly the world's first:1965-1973, the united states in laos dropped more than 2.2 million tons of bombs, then the lao people an average person can be assigned to a"..."

of the 2.2 million tons of bombs are still 80 million(wikipedia data) is not exploded, the red area on behalf of the unexploded cluster bomb, green is a large aviation bombs, from the laos map point of view is simply shocking.

travel in this country, you can see everything from here.the bomb was thrown on the roadside, from small to large common lao people have long been not surprised this scene, and even become children's toys.

the villagers in the central region have all these dumplings , of which about 20% only removed the lead, the internal is still the same! there was a period of time, many companies a village to buy these duds, causing the residents crazy mining, almost every village has been killed and killed the villagers, until the introduction of the ban before the government was a lot of convergence!

in september 2016, when us president barack obama witnessed the detonation process in laos, then he offered$90 million to laos and sent the marines to assist in cleaning up!

the first batch of 50 people to clean up the troops stationed after six months , to 12 people at the cost of injury to clean up 4,000 kinds of bombs, of which the main cluster bombs, usually around the bomb will continue to find 3-20.if the plan is calculated for 30 years, the americans themselves will say"at least 150 years"to complete the cleanup...

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