emergency notice national day holiday with variable speed to see!

eleven national day has not arrived yet!


some people have the national day 7 days holiday arrangements...,

this year the national day mid-autumn festival holiday 8 days!

more than a day in the past!

do not open? excited?


however, here

small new to give you an important reminder

after all, the reality is cruel.

, ready?

china tourism research institute(national tourism administration data center)

released"2017 national day mid-autumn holiday market forecast",

the market will receive 710 million people

that is to say, travel the words

have to be with the 710 million people crowded

are you ready?



you think of zhangjiajie


you imagine gulangyu



do you think that outbound travel is less

everywhere is full of chinese!

everywhere you hear are mandarin!

02 national day travel tickets to grab it?

when mid-autumn festival hit the national day

did you travel to the ticket?

you have to ask why you have to take high-speed rail, train?

because air tickets to price it! the the

what? do you say you want to drive?

do not blame the small new did not tell you

once on a long holiday is such a

there is no early peak, late peak~

any time is high! peak! period!

the train station is this


relatives, friends, classmates are all crowded in the national day to do the happy event.

ask you afraid not afraid!

before there is a user po out of the national day schedule

eight days off six wedding

out of the money to 4400 yuan

a proper month of wages no

do you think you can be much better than him?

> friends of the circle of rich people

also in a variety of sun iphone 8, iphone x

as for the small new i

if a bite ruthless to buy an iphone x

this will mean that the next step will be

06 national day after this year and then have a statutory holiday

over the national day back

this year there is no holiday!

of the bouquet

do not need to work but will be alone in the christmas

the only thing that might make you happy is

2017 mid-autumn national day overtime can get how much money?

october 1 to 3, national day holiday

october 4, mid-autumn festival

other 4 days for normal rest day

according to the relevant provisions of the state:the implementation of the standard working hours of the employer, in the statutory holidays to arrange for the work of workers, should not be less than 300% of their wages to pay overtime wages; in the rest day arrangements for workers can not work in 6 within the month to make up for the break, according to no less than 200% of my wages to pay overtime wages.

according to the regulations, when calculating overtime pay

> daily salary is based on an average monthly salary of 21.75 days

the formula is

holiday overtime pay=monthly wage base ÷ 21.75 × 300%

overtime wages=monthly wage base ÷ 21.75 × 200%


is currently 2,300 yuan per month

holiday overtime payroll=2300 ÷ 21.75 × 300% × 4=1269

rest day overtime wages=2300 ÷ 21.75 if you are in accordance with the shanghai minimum wage standard

if you are in the entire eleven holidays overtime

overtime total:1269+846=$2115

if you are in accordance with the average monthly salary of$9,337 in shanghai in 2017 calculation of

then overtime during the national day 8 words

can be a total of:9337 ÷ 21.75 × 300% × 4+9337 ÷ 21.75 × 200% × 4=8585(yuan)!

god, i'm wrong.


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