common big mistake in your trip?

even the most elaborate travel plans, but as long as a little encounter some common mistakes enough to disrupt travel, even can destroy the dream vacation.

the following common mistakes, quick to count, there are a few in said you?

in a "pig"

a person to travel and have no you imagine so lonely and fear, on the contrary, can fully enjoy alone space, whether a stuttering, or "pursue", can plan their free and easy, not fettered by others or fetter.However, if you're traveling on the way, is an equally to be traveling alone teammates on a "pig", it is no less than a person's wonderful.If you meet a daughter that young body, or a high cold supercilious gentleman, the dim and distant past, is really a bad heart.So, or a person walk firmly, or choose to go out with his family, from the start, one thousand are you influenced by soft, halfway was a brain won't turn, the life cannot provide for oneself teammates get on, so the travel can be a lifetime of black history.And, of course, if your life is good, meet a proficient in legendary weapons of China's ally, is really "my fo mercy!"

travel common 10 big mistake, are you in?

to bring too much luggage

packing is very important thing in travel, one is to save your energy, the second is to make your luggage have more space to things that trip to buy.Therefore, you must learn to learn to do subtraction before luggage, such as take a comfortable pair of shoes is enough, maybe it's a beautiful cocktail dress to calculate, you don't go to dinner anyway.In a word, you can try to follow a principle, that is, before we start your luggage at least half of the space is empty.

travel common 10 big mistake, are you in?

the schedule is too full of

a lot of people think that spent so much money to retreat, never waste a minute for a second time.As a result, they often have a full schedule, very anxious to sleep only four or five hours a day, other all of your time doing all sorts of things.Although it sounds reasonable, but a vacation should relax, shouldn't like to participate in reality TV show.Moreover, too much arrangement will let you put all the energy on how to finish the activity, thus miss wonderful that needs to be found.

travel common 10 big mistake, are you in?

take large amount of cash or don't take cash

would rather take out 99 dollars change, also don't take money out of $100.Although it seems a bit melodramatic, but really they rhyme.In many countries, the big money in many places will be rejected, and if in the thief rampant Europe, once stolen your loss will be very big, so don't take too much cash or a large amount of cash out.Of course, if afraid of stolen and don't take a dime cash is not enough, or some such as subway station newsstand is not accept credit CARDS.Moreover, in order to avoid credit card stolen brush or cloning, so it's best to just brush calorie of consumption in large stores or institutions.

travel common 10 big mistake, are you in?

carry passports

for whatever reason, carrying a passport everywhere are very dangerous behavior.Because once the passport is lost, you can really be called difficult, not only can't even return home.So, be sure to lock your passport at the hotel safety deposit box, if go to some places have to carry your passport as proof of identity, so bring a photocopy or use their cell phones, the passport to stay in the hotel, this is very serious hint, really very serious!

fettered by setting before departure schedule

although travel plan before we start is very important, but don't be a slave to it.Travel should be a process of relaxation, and according to the plan step by step to complete the work but always give a person a kind of feeling.Sometimes, there are a lot of unexpected harvest from the journey, such as you find yourself in rest like the singer have a concert in the city, but also can get a ticket, you will give up this rare opportunity to go to the mall to buy buy buy?In short, don't be planned, random strain is the absolute principle.

didn't buy the travel insurance

if anyone to buy insurance is for the sake of maintaining, that this is called a fool;But if you dare to go on a trip without any insurance, it is called more silly!Not to say that is only called airliner crash accident, travel often dangerous, such as flight delays, property stolen, sudden illness in the hospital, and so on can let you good travel ashes, at this point, all kinds of underline the importance of insurance.

travel common 10 big mistake, are you in?

without your passport before departure

your destination is probably a visa-free island, but that doesn't mean that you really can say go you go.In be born sign countries, the requirements of the visa policy holders passport validity shall not be less than 3 months, if you have a passport only a month of life, then you may be immediately sat down in the back of the plane.So, don't be silly once "addiction" aircraft.

completely ignore customs ban

you might think the seaside pick up beautiful shells, or a small bottle of sand on the beach to take home as a souvenir, meaningful and romantic.But, you are probably the last moment before the outbound customs buckle down and get a huge fine, these "souvenir" because you are contraband.For contraband has a very detailed statement of the law by national governments, at least can see at the airport.Such as South Africa is prohibited to carry any ivory products from leaving the country, even the formal way to also can not buy.So, don't let the ticket spoil your trip a good mood.

the phone on the beach "hide"

you and your friends won't silly to put mobile phone on tooling, and then run to swim in the sea, but do you really think cell phone, and put them into the towel or snack packaging is clever?Oh, my gosh!Absolutely too naive, really think the thieves silly to will only steal from on tooling?!If you are afraid of mobile phone is lost, steadfast leave a friend care, or deposit into the locker!

travel common 10 big mistake, are you in?

flight interval too short

no matter you are for the purpose to save money or because helpless, connecting must be all travelers hide not to drop.There is also learned, however, once considered to be inappropriate, you probably will be in big trouble.Connecting flight interval better in more than three hours, because in this period of time you need to complete immigration, baggage checked again, the secondary security, even in the first leg of the flight delays, etc., thus time though it may seem a long time, but it's not, at least in the terminal leisurely waiting is better than miss flight want to cry!

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