chongqing sensation to cnn for a subway station!?

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as many titles: travelling, mountain city, Bridges, etc., in addition to beauty, beauty, food, the traffic is also an amazing!


chongqing a subway station, on the CNN news!

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

this is not a commercial hub!

is not scenic spots and historical sites, many flock, at best, including natural scenery.

but, tourists like to go, will be: stunned!

where exactly?

by the analysis of the survey, the original here is chongqing line 6 a metro station!(pictured)

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

why CNN at the meeting?

why Cao Guwan this place to build the subway?

listen to orange seed moments!

why CNN at the meeting?

in China, whether it is the world's foreign media will be curious, no matter from the natural landscape, cultural history, religious belief and so on various aspects, more in economy developing rapidly at present, China is its focus on bit by bit.Such as built in 19 day 57 storeys, the chongqing metro station, built in such a remote place, also their attention!

according to the staff, it seldom passengers getting on or off at Cao Guwan station.

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

there are no shops, buildings, and even the road is out.

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

there is only one significant exports, the other, the two are hidden in the bushes, waiting for people to discover!

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

why Cao Guwan this place to build the subway?


Cao Guwan is located in beibei district, the station in October 2015, opening, nearly more than 30 kilometers from the central city, wants to boost the economic environment here, believe it needs a lot of kung fu!

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

1) economy!

to rich first build roads!This wisdom, we all know that!First of all from the traffic as a breakthrough point!

is the first condition of stream of people improving: traffic convenience!

6 online Cao Guwan is contact: beibei city, beibei new city garden and ran home, photoelectric dam, jiangbei CBD, small words to tea garden route.Although jia yue bridge, but its first to determine its future traffic volume, less obvious advantages compared with high effect of subway.The current low traffic with the development of long-term, near the orbit ChiZhuHang development, the rise of stream of people will be more and more.

2) the livelihood of the people!

abortion: with the increase of Cao Guwan exposure rate, more and more people come to here, few people daily, gradually increasing!

traffic: for Cao Guwan area, living in this area are the most convenient way to travel is: traffic line 6.

buy room: ran home dam area is the area of house price is very expensive in beibei district, if working in a new city, or photoelectric park, etc., to home buyers, first consider the transportation is convenient to, on the 6th line is looking for.And Cao Guwan lijia across a river, and house prices are relatively low.

fitness leisure: on the 6th line whether travel to sports park, grand theatre, bei shopping, travel is very convenient tool, not to find a parking spot, no traffic jams, don't have to mention on the subway.

here at referred to as "one of the world's most mysterious" subway station, but believe that with the development of economy, see Cao Guwan station, you will see the great potential of chongqing subway traffic.

chongqing a subway station, stir in the CNN!?

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