earthquake field visit | huanglong lost souls: though it wasn't damaged two days only dozens of visitors

earthquake field visit | huanglong loss of

economic observation network Song Di zhang huan although not in the jiuzhaigou damaged in the earthquake, huanglong national key scenic spots still like a lost soul: two days after the earthquake, the only dozens of scenic spot of tourists.

from huanglong airport, drive along the 120 county 50 kilometers, almost no other vehicles, after a brief exit in the power of the human, the power of nature quick recovery: the eagle perched in the middle of the road, and the three little pigs after two previous across the street.

at eight o 'clock in the morning on August 12, close to the huanglong scenic spot called snow mountain ridge observatory empty, one side of the stove had not a moment away, have already put out the fire, sat a big pot of tea eggs on the stove and it can be seen in the past the passenger flow of the strong, but now this pot of tea has a cold.

the past crowded huanglong scenic spot ticket office is also empty, the conductor came to work, only to find the ticket door tight, after the earthquake, the huanglong scenic spot hundreds of half of the remaining employees, half holiday.When the tourist season, the scenic spot of tens of thousands of visitors a day, only a conductor on the fare can be more than 100000, is now really idle down.

earthquake field visit | huanglong loss of

how long for the scenic area will be idle, the staff are nervous in the heart, the core determinants of huanglong is not in itself, but in jiuzhaigou scenic area, 120 kilometers away," it all depends on jiuzhaigou scenic spot after what time be able to open and whether also has the attraction of the past."A perennial in huanglong - jiuzhaigou exhumation of the taxi driver for the economic observer said.

her nine loop line, more than the aba scenic line: huanglong, zoige grassland, fairy pool, loose state city, QiangZhai, these covers spots around at least three counties, the livelihood of tens of thousands of people firmly attached to these sites, however, these attractions attachment is hundreds of kilometres away in the jiuzhaigou scenic spot.Taxi driver told the economic observer, for most of the tourists, other attractions are there as an option, only the jiuzhaigou is a will answer.

"before the tourists are on a trip to jiuzhaigou drop in the huanglong scenic area near the airport, or go to other scenic spot after visited the jiuzhaigou.The rest are optional, only is must go to jiuzhaigou valley."The taxi driver told the economic observer network.

in the driver's view, jiuzhaigou scenic spot is like the soul of the aba scenic area, if the soul is damaged, other scenic spots is very bad.

part of the jiuzhaigou scenic area in the earthquake damage, whether to adopt the way of artificial repair has not yet been determined as of yet, when will be able to entertain tourists also has not yet been determined.This also means that in the time of uncertainty, number of jiuzhaigou and the surrounding counties around the tourism to the survival of people are moving into a difficult position.

"that is to say, at this time, we are out of work."The taxi driver told the economic observer network.

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