death of jiuzhai paradise intercontinental casualties why so serious?

on August 8, 2017, 21 with 19 points, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0, aba prefecture in sichuan jiuzhaigou county, the epicenter is located in jiuzhaigou county get town, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel is built in mountain town of gansu haizi village.According to sichuan fire administration confirmed, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel (hereinafter referred to as "jiuzhai paradise intercontinental") death toll for six people.

according to the current public information, jiuzhaigou jiuzhai paradise intercontinental size and other hotels, such as luneng Hilton, sheraton hotel, no casualties.Then, as local listed five-star hotel, intercontinental jiuzhai paradise damage why so serious?

six deaths jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel, why so serious casualties?

(the graph is intercontinental jiuzhai paradise at the door, the door a mess, a firefighter in the lobby)

jiuzhai paradise can accommodate many guests?

according to public information, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel opened in 2003, 2007 to decorate, is its premium brand, intercontinental hotels group for the local listed five-star hotel.Hotel is located in jiuzhaigou scenic spot nearby, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the jiuzhai paradise core project.Construction area of 150000 square meters, set meetings, holiday, catering, entertainment, leisure, health, shopping, accommodation as a whole.Including exhibition hall, dining hall, hotel, art center, day hot spring bath center, ancient QiangZhai, meeting hall, exhibition hall, shopping and entertainment center, etc.With 1020 rooms, maximum capacity for 1800 people.10000 square meters, the hotel lobby for steel arch shelf completely transparent glass structure.

according to hotel practice staff, the hotel lobby restaurant, swimming pool, spa and other recreational entertainment at an organic whole, the disaster, residents in 1300, when the part of the visitors to swim in the hot spring.

since September 7 - is jiuzhaigou tourist season, the hotel rooms in short supply, according to Mr Hubei tourists ao, then check in guest room is full.According to each big OTA (online travel agents) and the platform shows intercontinental hotels prices in 1100-4800 yuan.At the same time, the platform to score in the hotel are shown on the above 4.5 points, belong to guest satisfaction high star hotel.And well received by most tourists is concentrated in the distinctive hotel environment, building a national flavor, beautiful decoration, hotel staff quality very high enthusiasm.The choice of Mr Ao is also for this.

but an earthquake, all this does not exist.

during the earthquake damage?

six deaths jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel, why so serious casualties?

(jiuzhai paradise intercontinental lobby at the door Door squeezed serious deformation)

when the earthquake happened, Mr Ao with children in the room, house suddenly violent vibration, he hurriedly with children, from emergency channel ran out.Ran out of the parking lot is full of people.

Mr Ao later sent the Beijing time reporter scene images, and said, in the back room, he noticed the hotel emergency channel wall has collapsed, the door also fell to the corridor, the room is a mess.The distant mountains, a slide, and constantly with boulders tumbled.

according to the ao and Mr Images, Beijing time reporter saw the lobby wall collapsed, basic door has serious because of the extrusion deformation, shatter glass walls and stone decoration piled up on land, at the gate of the lobby has become ruins.Some steel structure building has appeared different degree of deformation and fracture, but no collapsed hotel building main body structure.

six deaths jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel, why so serious casualties?

(the graph is earthquake intercontinental jiuzhai paradise park the next day, the distant mountains are risking yellow grey)

Ma Zhanpeng jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel security director told the media interview, the hotel in the center is still some distance from the earthquake, but severely damaged.

(Beijing time) at the same time also the reporter interviewed a local hotel staff, he presented the because of work need to go to the pictures.In the picture of the staff in near the restaurant area towers in the facade wall collapsed entirely, only stands a few layers of steel, he estimates that the victims are mainly concentrated in here.Not far from the other towers facade wall just a crack.

a hotel internship employee interview in Beijing time, badly damaged the hotel, the lobby glass base damage.The hotel has a total of 7 building, including three the collapse of the building in different situation.

work personnel to introduce and show his photos, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental rooms in the main structure is complete, houses collapsed wall almost no, glass is not broken, just a small amount of guest room corridor bars drop, cracks between corridor and the building.But the interior of the lobby wood ceiling caved in and the main structure intact.

and intercontinental hotel, near the Hilton hotels including jiuzhai luneng, jiuzhai banyan tree hotels are damaged lighter, and no heavy casualties.

why the earthquake can cause such serious consequences?

why damaged so serious?

for damage and its causes of intercontinental jiuzhai paradise, no official recognition.Beijing time financial reporter's interview, did not respond to intercontinental hotel.

according to public information query, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental is one of the earliest five-star hotel in jiuzhaigou county, built in 2003.

this means that it was built before the wenchuan earthquake in 2008.Beijing time reporters not to jiuzhai paradise when the wenchuan earthquake damage in detail, but from media reports, the original has become a tourist site, it shows that 08 earthquake jiuzhai paradise lost is very low.

six deaths jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel, why so serious casualties?

(reporters and the graph is Beijing time on August 11, taken in jiuzhai paradise intercontinental lobby door)

according to the local has more than 10 years experience of tour guide cat guide introduction, "in 2008 before the local five-star hotels are relatively less, everything else is built after 2008, 08 years, the government has asked construction to achieve 8 magnitude earthquake level."

, he said, this is perhaps one of the earthquake cause too much damage.

jiuzhai paradise intercontinental an employee thinks for a diaolou outside the hotel facade wall collapsed.", he thought, intercontinental hotel building adopts steel structure, can withstand nine intensity of earthquake, so the seismic grade higher than the frame structure."

but why he will fall on the stereoscopic wall is unknown, he says, towers high and thin, similar to the structure of the tower, "shake than other low-rise buildings."

six deaths jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel, why so serious casualties?

Mr Ao is also trying to find the cause of the death toll from a hotel so high.He said because they also have seven or eight hotels, so the hotel all aspects are to understand."Hotel built around the mountain, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the our guest rooms in three layers, but the hall in the four layers, in hindsight, hotel no major accident early warning mechanism, security alarm should ring after the earthquake."At the same time, he also think that the hotel's emergency channel has two only, and leads to the lobby, but only two door to leave, because of the earthquake lobby one serious deformation, it may cause the lobby for tourists too much, the disaster.

there are also people who believe that the root cause and earthquake magnitude too large.One hotel staff has time to reporters in Beijing hotel is a bit far distance mountains has collapsed.

six deaths jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel, why so serious casualties?

(gansu earthquake think middle braved yellow grey mountain is the epicenter, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental in left picture in front of the foot of the mountain)

on August 11, in the jiuzhaigou of gansu earthquake rescue workers on the response to the Beijing time reporter, he said Kennedy haizi itself is the earthquake zone, near the epicenter is located in gansu haizi's a seat at the foot of the mountain, and intercontinental hotel is built on the fault zone, and according to very close to the mountain, "fault lines should not be built hotel, is very dangerous."

according to data shows, sheraton, Hilton Hotel distance jiuzhai paradise far away, and not on the fault zone.

on August 11, intercontinental hotels group issued a notice: in the earthquake, jiuzhai paradise intercontinental hotel building is damaged to some extent.Two guests and two employees killed, with 18 people were injured.

this data with the administration of sichuan fire data, hotel party did not respond to this.

Jia Yinghui Cheng Quan/article





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