do you really understand what is the yangtze river, the yangtze river

the Yangtze river is the mother river of the Chinese nation, hemudu culture was born here, for the Chinese civilization, but for our old mother, do you really understand?I tell you something about the Yangtze river the most today!

the Yangtze river, about 6300 km, is the longest river in Asia, the world's third longest river, about 1 trillion cubic meters, the annual runoff of 11 provinces and cities across China, the basic can be seen in the textbooks or propaganda, go, now we talk about the Yangtze river, I believe you will learn more.(enjoy the flavor of qingjiang not Fried natural leisure fish food, please pay attention to the old ba wang believed the public, official micro shop waiting for you to enjoy)

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a, the Yangtze river the widest place?

actually easy to know the problem, so I just put in the first, is the mouth.That you know how wide is the Yangtze river estuary?

according to the scientific answer for the Yangtze river estuary is a horn, the Yangtze river estuary width is 90-180 km wide, what concept are 180 kilometers (km), is less than 180 kilometers from Shanghai to hangzhou, nearly two hours to drive, sit high iron train nearly 1 hour, high-speed rail ticket prices to more than 70 blocks, think about or wide!

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2, the Yangtze river the deepest place?

the Yangtze river basin all average depth is not deep, the upper middle reaches 1.5 5 meters, but also so the water in some places to visit, but when it comes to deep, it's more scary!It was said that construction of wuhan Yangtze river bridge has been measured when the water depth more than 30 meters, equivalent to eight storeys high, while the deepest place in jiangxi hubei border is said to have a place called cattle ji, once the local water depth measurement to the depth of 103 meters.What concept?Equivalent to 30 storeys high, average depth of the bohai sea was 18 meters, and more than ten ton draft also shall be less than 15 meters, quite scary!(artificial water except for the three gorges dam)

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3, the Yangtze river the most shallow place

actually said to the Yangtze river the most shallow place and means nothing, generally is the source of the river, and here I want to by telling the Yangtze river the most shallow place to let everybody see many a mickle makes a muckle horrors.The birthplace of the Yangtze river - the tuotuo river on May not have so many parts of the river, not to mention terrible majesty.But it is a small river that flows through the mountains, and created a unique Yangtze river!Nature is amazing!

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so here should be a praise!

4, the gap in the Yangtze river have how old?

the Yangtze river's integral disparity is better reference, cradle mountain 6600 meters above sea level, and the Yangtze river estuary in Shanghai less than 4 meters above sea level, the gap of more than 6000 meters, think like a waterfall, it is really the Milky Way falling nine days!

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5, how big is the biggest fish in the Yangtze river?

the Yangtze river is a huge ecological, there are all kinds of aquatic life, we now speak of Yangtze river's largest fish.Yangtze river fish a lot more than 1 meter, and the biggest fish is the Chinese sturgeon.Double willow fishing fleets of fishermen Zhang Jin couples from the river on the north side of the Yangtze river main channel grazing geese state about 600 meters water capture to a length of 3.3 meters, weight more than 700 catties of sturgeon, is one of the largest Chinese sturgeon discovered in recent years.

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6, across the Yangtze river the deepest subway

then tell a human masterpiece - the subway.Material and economic development at any time, subway has become a main part of the transportation network in big cities, in touch river through the city, also requires the construction of subway construction of the subway.Here is introduced a subway project across the Yangtze river -- - wuhan line 2, the meditation on 5 contact tunnel across the river, which recently three, the deepest 3 channel in the Yangtze river 56 meters below the surface, the equivalent of the Yangtze river also dig through dozens of meters deep under the aisle, and the subway is above the Yangtze river.Remember before each of the dragon will want to in the Yangtze river water leaking, river as the subway when swinging sound heart speeds up, think of is exciting!

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so, while the Yangtze river is quite near to us, but it is far away from us, sometimes you even if sitting on a river boat or through the bridge on the river can see it every day, but you never can only see the tiny part of it.

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