what pingdingshan lushan airport?today will tell you!

new airport pingdingshan to what is already known, but the ins and outs of the new airport pingdingshan to you know?Today I will tell you.

actually have airport pingdingshan, LuShan military airport, the new civil airport.

even without the construction of the airport, pingdingshan also has an airport, the airport in LuShan.

LuShan military airport was established in 1973, covers an area of 2680 mu, 35 km away from pingdingshan, 40 km from baofeng county and ye county county, aviation museum located in pingdingshan lushan county of henan province let river township, 65 kilometers from shiren mountain, is the first in Asia, the world's second-largest aviation museum.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

the military airport in LuShan plane mostly retired but there is a certain service life and used for future operations.

now under pingdingshan LuShan airport belongs to the civil airport, passenger and cargo in future.

construction LuShan airport is according to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", the purpose is to promote the rise of central China strategy, pingdingshan, as one of the core into the area, the airport will be more beneficial to strengthen the contact between the surrounding city.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

in the airport site selection on

the airport is located in the north of lushan county Zhang Dian township, Zheng Yao north of high-speed, about 10 km away from the LuShan county, is apart from the "giant Buddha scenic spot YaoShan - central plains" linear distance of 40 kilometers, taking a planning Zheng Wangao iron link directly to the scenic spot, will greatly convenient domestic and overseas tourists "YaoShan - zhongyuan giant Buddha scenic spot", close the distance of time and space.

the airport site selection LuShan, considering promote LuShan tourism development on one hand, on the other hand is to consider the traffic environment, to reduce the residents' life caused the airport noise pollution as far as possible, so that the airport is generally built in sparsely populated areas.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

on the construction schedule

LuShan airport construction project was started in 2011, the first trial has already passed, has reported military as well as the development and reform commission (NDRC).

a few days ago, LuShan airport operating company flat the eagle civil airport co., LTD has been set up, which indicates the pingdingshan LuShan airport into a new substantial stage, the next step may be the airport construction phase.

as for pingdingshan when the airport construction, there is still no accurate schedule, probably later this year, perhaps in the next year.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

on the scale and throughput

pingdingshan LuShan airport location is 4 c feeder airports, total investment of about 1.428 billion yuan, covers an area of about 2800 mu, the construction of article 1 2600 m x 45 meters, 5 please stand flat, terminal area of about 10000 square meters.

as 4 c feeder airports are generally adopts the airbus A320 and Boeing 737 large and medium-sized passenger plane that such aircraft can take 90-150 individuals.Flying around from covering pingdingshan city between 800-1500 km.

that is to say, in pingdingshan can fly directly to fly to lijiang, kunming, southwest to northwest gansu jiuquan, to the north of Hohhot, the northeast of shenyang, covering the entire southeast areas of China.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

simple said is that in pingdingshan flying, in addition to hainan, Lhasa, urumqi and Harbin a few cities can't fly, can almost reach any cities in China.

in addition, conditional execution of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and other countries and regions of the direct flights.By 2025, the airport passenger throughput will reach 480000 person-time, freight volume of nearly 2600 tons.

that is to say, although pingdingshan is 4 c feeder airports, the future may fly to Hong Kong and southeast Asia and other regions.

at the beginning of zhengzhou and luoyang airport, after all, at the beginning of the construction scale is not large, but now the zhengzhou airport has expanded international routes, and a new runway, but also in unceasing expansion of luoyang airport.

pingdingshan airport will also with the need for expansion.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

for the influence of pingdingshan

to urban development, must develop rapid transit, high-speed rail and the plane is fast transportation, rapid transport, will bring more development opportunities to the pingdingshan, such as in the talent introduction, investment promotion and capital introduction and large national strategic layout.

second, to promote the development of tourist industry of pingdingshan, completion of the airport will attract more tourists in pingdingshan, because of the more convenient traffic, no longer need to eastlands.

pingdingshan what LuShan airport?Today will tell you!

in the end, improve pingdingshan city image and soft power, the airport is the important strategic resources, can achieve rapid transfer, while the construction of pingdingshan, airport, on the other hand also shows that country's emphasis on mesa.

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