To go on a business trip in gansu province tourism, hui people a lot, pay attention to what

trip to gansu province on a business trip, hui people a lot of, what to pay attention to

hui diet pork, dog, horse, donkey and mule meat, do not eat without the islamic slaughter ChuQinRou and dead, do not eat the blood of animals, etc.;

taboo others smoking, drinking at home;

banned food, also cannot use fast things for metaphor, such as can not describe the color of chili red as blood, etc.;Prohibited in front of frame-an;

all Wells, springs, for people to drink all forbid to livestock drinking water, or to anyone nearby washs a face, or wash clothes.Hands before fetching water, the water in a container with water do not fall back to the well.

hui diet pay great attention to health, every conditional place, washing hands before meals and after dinner with a flow of water;

most hui don't smoke, don't drink, meal, elders to sit is salt, the younger generation can't and the elders and the sitting on the kang, sitting on the edge of a kang or stool on the ground.

in addition, water scoop, scoop rice shall be bailed out.

the above is the need to comply with the

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trip to gansu province on a business trip, hui people a lot of, what to pay attention to

detailed say:

Islam eight taboos

a, diet taboo:

diet in people's life occupies a very important position.Islamic

teach that god is the universe of Allah, created the human, for humans created everything on the earth for people to enjoy, allow people to eat all the legal

and choice of food.The Koran, said: "the world ah, you can eat the food of the ground all the legal and goodly, you don't follow in the footsteps of the devil, he is your enemy."

1, livestock and poultry meat taboo:

it is forbidden to eat from the dead;

it is forbidden to eat the blood;

it is forbidden to eat recite the word of Allah the slaughter of animals;

the banning raptor.

2. Disable intoxicated and poisonous plants drink: drinking is forbidden;

related to ban all wine to drunk items;

allowed to undertake related to wine business;

forbidden to attend the banquet of wine;

taking all drugs and drugs are strictly prohibited.

2, costume taboo:


, taught since that Allah for the human nature of everything on the earth, and therefore allows

and requires that all muslims substances on the earth as possible as you can put some beautiful decorations and clothes, because the same enjoy

to pull all the choicest food is created for the acceptance of the gift of Allah, only accept and enjoy all that Allah has given, can feel the Ann

on human kindness.The Koran, said: "you say: Allah create clothing for his subjects thereof beautiful food, who can forbid them to

enjoy?"So besides Allah who also have no right to limit with Allah created by Muslim dress dress up yourself.Islam in apparel base

this principle is accord with the nature, not the pursuit of luxury, exquisite and simple, clean and beautiful.The taboos are:

1, ban men dress in noble clothing;

2, banning women show beautiful appearance and ornaments;

3, it is forbidden to change the pretensions of the original building human behavior;

4, it is strictly prohibited to men wearing gold ornaments;

5, taboo Muslim wear foreign clothes;

6, men's and women's imitation is prohibited.

three, health and sex taboos:


health habits: Islam is a religion. Pay attention to healthThe Koran, said: "Allah is love clean."The prophet also bring up pay attention to clean

up to the height of the faith, the prophet (god bless him and his family), said: "clean is part of the faith."Islam will these health

requirements have religious meaning and integrate it with the People's Daily lives, and penetrated into people's life details, encourage people to take seriously, trying to do.

2, health and sex taboos, Islam is not only pay attention to the health bath clean body appearance, but also attaches great importance to the health of sex, it's in the health and sexual behavior are taboo: urine in public places;

prohibited handle unclean things with the right hand;

no spitting in the liturgy, yawning, blowing things;

it is prohibited to eat raw onion, ginger, garlic after church;

taboo gluttony;

prohibition and menses or maternal sex;

forbid adultery;

banning gay.

trip to gansu province on a business trip, hui people a lot of, what to pay attention to

4, marriage taboo:


abstinence, teaching and other religious instead, opposed to celibacy, advocate natural the lonely.The ancient

LAN jing said: "men and women are each other's clothes."Islam believes that marriage is not only between men and women in order to satisfy the desire for a

combination, and it is a person to oneself, family, society and important behavior, which is responsible for the continuation of human existence is a Muslim to follow the Lord

the manifestation, the performance of the teachings of the prophet, and Islam actively promotes healthy legal marriage men and women, prohibits illegal cohabitation and sex such as extramarital affairs clearance

system.At the same time, in order to prevent confusion immoral phenomenon such as blood, incest, Islam in marriage also provides some taboo:

1, it is strictly prohibited, and have close kinship, margin and kinship, marriage relationship to marry;

2, with no foreign teachers to marry;

3, it is forbidden to marry married;

4, it is strictly prohibited to divorce as child's play.

5, funeral taboo:

the basic principles of islamic rules funeral is buried, buried BoZang and speed.Because Islam has such claims to death and burial, so with this phase of the barge some thoughts, ceremony, opposed to get used to it, it was formed in this area many taboo:

1, prohibited noise;

2, ban black funeral held in sunrise, sunset and noon time;

3, it is strictly prohibited for suicides stand black funeral;

4, it is strictly prohibited to cry about it;

5, it is forbidden to women to participate in the black funeral;

6, it is forbidden to set up additional to outlaw prayer;

7, forbid women to outlaw extended ShouZhi;

8, banned without a move;

9, forbidden to death;

10, suicide is prohibited.

trip to gansu province on a business trip, hui people a lot of, what to pay attention to

6, commercial taboo:

1, it is strictly prohibited usury exploitation;

2, banned in commodities adulterated, shoddy;

3, ban hoard wealth monopoly market;

4, ban jin a few;

5, banning swear by selling goods;

6, barred from buying stealing, robbing to goods;

7, it is forbidden to sell prohibited items;

8, the business shall be forbidden to use deception.

7, interpersonal taboo:


that Islam is a attaches great importance to the exchanges, emphasize human religion, advocating noble morality.The prophet said: "my mission is to perfect the morality of human beings."Think that only have noble moral, to get to

the happiness.The Koran advocates the principles of interpersonal communication is to treat people honesty, patience, forgiveness, mutual cooperation, altruism, humility language

beautiful, to make a good man, pay attention to etiquette, etc.Contrary to the principles of all of which is prohibited by Islam:

1, it is strictly prohibited to perjury;

2, it is forbidden to lie;

3, it is forbidden to calumny;

4, it is strictly prohibited to slanderers;

5, it is forbidden to slander;

6, it is strictly prohibited to laugh and to use the name;

7, forbid malicious speculation;

8, prohibit others peeping privacy;

9, ban jealousy;

10, ban wang yan xi line;

11, behind the ban.

eight, spiritual life taboo:

1, it is strictly prohibited to gambling;

2, it is forbidden to draw;

3, it is forbidden to divination, visit fortune-teller.

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