Shock!!!Shanghai just a tour group to Europe, the whole ensemble luggage passport stolen

shocked! Shanghai just a tour group to Europe, the whole ensemble passport stolen baggage out

so looking forward to a trip to Europe, just start before a "disaster".Just play along while, even before he could stay in the hotel, the luggage was including passport was stolen on the bus, not only schedule is unable to continue, even back home has become a problem.

today, a 16 people from Shanghai tour to domestic emergency help, say their vacation in Rome a theft, together with the passport stolen baggage.

shocked! Shanghai just a tour group to Europe, the whole ensemble passport stolen baggage out

s is on the bus, all you luggage stolen

Europe swim on the luggage was stolen

Shanghai tourists Cai Ying tell thoughtful gentleman, she has been looking forward to travel to Europe, she and colleagues to sign up this month for ctrip travel agency "13 + +, Switzerland, France, Italy, with group tour", each paid nearly 20000 yuan, on May 13, hair.

the evening of May 13th, gathered in pudong airport, the total is 16, and one team leader.A line of first station of 17 people from Shanghai to Rome.The next morning, the plane arrived in Rome airport, to access the arrangement of the driver in the airport.A good car is a Mercedes minibuses, cars, carrying on my teammates and baggage, the official start of the trip.

"in the beginning, the trip went well in the morning, after lunch, we began to visit some scenic spots in the center of Rome, all emotions are high, only out of the great things in the evening."Cai Ying told reporters, according to the schedule, when the day is to visit Rome city attractions, including the Colosseum, fountain, Venice square, etc.After lunch, they began to visit.Due to some scenic spots in Rome is open in the bus, so everyone is basically walk, agreement will be set in Venice square.Will the driver said after a stop in the distance square miles (1.3 kilometers) waiting in the parking lot.

a collection of results on the appointed time, everybody all after collection, the driver told the car coming to them like a bolt from the blue news: they put in the car's luggage stolen!

dozens of pieces of luggage, regardless of the size of the stolen light

hear that luggage stolen people are stupid.So get in the car, so he piled up in the back of my car all luggage luggage over 20 boxes were gone.Not only that, even in the visitors the small luggage on the seat was looted.

"for walking to be walking a lot, we are all pack lightly, with only the belongings such as cash and bank CARDS, other things in the car."Cai Ying said, many of them tourists at pudong airport on duty-free shops bought high-grade cigarette, cosmetics and other goods, also in the seat, the results of these things are all be looted.

, is the most terrible of the visitors including the leader's passport was locked in the leader of the box, this box is also on the cart, also stolen.That is to say, all visitors passport was lost.

driver said just eat a meal, bus on things they don't have a

"we ask the driver when the theft took place, as a result, he said he left the car, go when you eat."Cai Ying tell thoughtful gentleman, they all feel incredible for luggage stolen things, when the driver in the car, why theft happened?

to this, the driver, he go out to dinner, among about an hour is not in the car, driving at this time a thief take pry open the lock, opened the car door into the car theft.And the driver didn't immediately inform them after the incident, but wait until set time to let us know.Visitors found that driving on the door and no obvious pry marks, and the car after the accident is still in normal use.

driver is refers to as temporary employment

"we feel that this must be planned and premeditated a team steal, all the more than 20 large trunk, one or two people can't move, surely need to have the car to drag."Tour groups.After the accident, to access the changed a driver for them."The driver had a lot of obvious regular, he tells us, the day after our driver is temporary employment, in accordance with requirements of the travel agency, formal driver is' one car and carrots, meals are bringing lunch box in the car, even out of the car, also want to keep the car in the range of vision."

just returned in

due to all the luggage with passports have been stolen, tour groups become impassable.Originally according to the schedule, they are going to fiorentina, the result can only be stranded in Rome.Meal a day yesterday that visitors came to the Chinese consulate in Rome for help, for related documents.

thoughtful gentleman understands from ctrip travel agency, the stolen incident was also encountered the club first.They have to be dealt with at the first time to help the guest temporary pass, but also help customers purchase must be paid first account of daily necessities, at the same time start the insurance help guests subsequent claims.

after the temporary pass right, visitors can keep the whole trip.However, the occurrence of theft has been doused tour groups continue to play fun, everybody is thinking to return home."Our clothes are worn for three days in a row, evening also don't know where to live."

thoughtful gentleman also know, before the start of tour travel agencies for the tourists to buy was already united travel insurance, including travel documents missing, personal property damage such as guarantee of the project, but visitors think, compensation for their losses.

Europe tour five warning prompt

in fact, Chinese tourists in Europe has been stolen.The national tourism administration have also taken related travel warning, remind visitors in Europe for Chinese pay attention to the personal and property safety.

for Chinese tourists in Europe under theft event, ctrip travel also once publishes relevant early warning.According to ctrip travel insurance department, Chinese tourists in Europe the highest rates of stolen.Number in the first half of last year the European tour in outbound tourism accounted for less than 10%, but in the luggage, cash DaoQiang events such as insurance cases, the European region accounted for 40%, the highest percentage.

in order to strengthen the tourism security, ctrip travel warning center has issued five warning prompt:

1, European tour sign up look at the hotel location, to avoid security risk areas;

2, wary of unreasonable low price group choice of quality and security are assured, tourist products;

3, as far as possible to carry large amounts of cash, especially for large such as 100 euros and 500 euros in cash;

4, take the initiative to buy travel insurance, especially pay attention to the provisions, such as the property losses do not choose very cheap insurance products;

5, robbed stolen, should actively alert and active.Europe there aren't many Chinese stolen crimes reported to the local police, mainly because of the Chinese insurance consciousness, often suffer indignities without protest.

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shocked! Shanghai just a tour group to Europe, the whole ensemble passport stolen baggage out shocked! Shanghai just a tour group to Europe, the whole ensemble passport stolen baggage out

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