The right tourism in domestic provinces play article 6: henan, hebei, shanxi

yesterday occupy, better one day, your reader forgive me ha.Unconsciously domestic finished quickly, after the completion of the domestic small make up will focus on writing abroad, every country, because of the small make up have only been to a dozen countries, but are free line, feeling experience is quite many, but also can write to, not making this up not haven't been to, hey hey.

henan article:

written in front: henan, is absolutely the most underrated the country provinces, no one!!!Henan tourism resources that is quite rich, but in addition to henan province, very few will henan as a tourist destination, unless the passing by the way, seldom have to visit.Reason for estimation and henan people are reluctant to do more publicity about plain nature, see above this sentence want to spray area black please bypass.Where there is bad and the good is not?Small make up to 7 times in henan, have never had a problem with the so-called were tricked into things, as to the sort of mass tourism scam like rip off, taxi rip off at the railway station where all have, not much said.And henan cuisine is really has a long history, and food is also one of the eight regional cuisines, must have a good taste.

keywords: henan zhongyuan, shaolin temple, luoyang peony, pasta

henan tourism must go: songshan shaolin temple, luoyang, yuntai mountain, kaifeng

choose to: henan tourism lankao, guoliang village, shen nong mountain, fairmount, nanyang, jigong mountain, sanmenxia

scenic spot travel planning:

the first day: zhengzhou not good-looking, really interested in history can consider to go to museums to see, is not interested in directly to a one-day tour of songshan shaolin temple, the time is enough.Zhengzhou bus station by car to the site, and then take a minibus to songshan, less than two hours.Car is not recommended to sit to the shaolin temple, a private contract, departure time is not on time, or by regular bus., songshan shaolin temple is really a bit disappointing, scenery, shaolin temple commercial too serious, but performance is worth a look, and see the legendary ancient can still worth the cost in one thousand.Can take a cable car in the songshan after see see, climb a mountain climb up or a little tired.Also is not very suggest a restaurant at the gate of the shaolin temple scenic spot, the plants of the illusory also particularly expensive, with some dry food yourself.In the afternoon before can be directly driven to a destination, kaifeng and luoyang, small make up in kaifeng this line as an example to illustrate.SuKaiFeng later.

food recommendation: kaifeng cuisine extremely numerous, XXX floor of the steamed stuffed bun, the Yellow River carp, big famous, is the lack of service.The famous night market in kaifeng is food, is each to kaifeng's visitors must place.

the second day: a day at the kaifeng, kaifeng is a place is worth playing, small make up personal think one day is not enough, but in order to save time is to arrange a day, before nine o 'clock in the morning to qingming shanghe garden, watching the morning show, and then scenic area scenic Tours, this is built according to the qingming river scenic area scenic, performing numerous, rich history cultural atmosphere, quite worth a look.Afternoon can in dragon pavilions, KaiFengFu, DaXiangGuo temple a few spots to choose one or two, is very good, SuKaiFeng later.

PS: kaifeng is very close to very close to lankao, interested can arrange a day trip to visit.

on the third day: kaifeng high-speed rail to luoyang, afternoon visit longmen grottoes.Kaifeng high-speed rail to luoyang need only for an hour, and luoyang longmen high-speed also has a direct bus to longmen grottoes, is very convenient.Visit longmen grottoes Suggestions please a guide, not really "dilettante watch the scene of bustle, feel a little boring, SuLuoYang later.

food recommendation: luoyang luoyang water seats, the world-famous, but as a foreigner may not used to eat, especially that is very highly regarded by its premier zhou yan, expensive, it is shredded radish...XXX with the most famous and other snacks also many, you can choose according to own hobby, to be sure, luoyang beef soup is really good, is strongly recommended to go to a bowl in the morning.

day 4: if you are a peony show time, see the peony that is a must, if not, then go to the white horse temple, baiyun mountain, cockscomb hole can be as alternatives, if you have no interest in the temple.One thousand year old temple white horse temple is famous because of xuan zang, known as "China's first temple", this is not a small make up say oh, don't find small make up have objection, hey hey, incense is very strong, worth a visit.Afternoon travelling to jiaozuo, according to the time and budget, considered to be living in jiaozuo city or yuntai mountain scenic spot.

the fifth day, a day at the yuntai mountain.Yuntai mountain may be in addition to the shaolin temple and the luoyang peony, henan is the most known scenic spot, compared to many famous mountains and great rivers, there are more shy of a kind of zhongyuan crude ore and south to combine the beauty of nature, spring gorge, redstone gorge waterfall, waterfall gorge landscape ponds are good, will jiaozuo rest at night, night at jiaozuo.

the sixth day: turn routine henan famous scenic spot is actually about the same, if you have interested, jiaozuo from the famous guoliang village is not far off, can consider to;Can also continue to visit the small make up recommend other choose to scenic spots.

written at the last, as an avid food lovers, small make up have to say, henan mutton stewed noodles is really delicious!!!!!!Zhengzhou is the famous one stewed noodles, already very good, but version small make up was the most delicious in pingdingshan ye county across the street to eat from the ancient county government, is a small make up have eaten the most delicious noodles, everyone in henan mutton stewed noodles must try!

hebei article:

written in front: hebei tourism resources relative to other identities may be slightly, but is quite distinctive, especially the manchu culture in hebei reflect incisively and vividly, if travel in hebei province, is one of the content must experience the manchu culture.

hebei keywords: summer resort, shanhaiguan, pollution, manchu

hebei tourism must go: chengde, bashang grasslands, qinhuangdao scenic area (including the shanhaiguan beidaihe)

choose to hebei tourism: baiyang lake, white stone mountain, wav, chaoyang ditch, longevity village, yanshan, tangshan, xibaipo

scenic spot travel planning:

the first day: shijiazhuang day trip.Shijiazhuang city really nothing fun, can consider to shijiazhuang zhaozhou bridge around today or pale rock look, these two places is a represents the Chinese architectural history of the bridge, with a "listed under five mountain, taihang peaks only pale rock" of reputation, are worth a visit scenic spots, the evening train to chengde, ride the train, the most suitable for the visitors.

: the next day morning arrived in chengde , and then to sihanba national forest park tour, also is the legendary mulan paddock.Afternoon visit WuLanBu series prairie, it's a TV series "kangxi dynasty" setting oh, you can ride a horse on the grassland, eat roast sheep and experience all kinds of amorous feelings of grassland.Note, however, riding a pit here, be sure to talk about good price and time calculation, lest cause unnecessary conflict.Night night at grassland.

on the third day: morning can visit figure ears grassland, wild goose lake scenic area, if the time right, here you can see wild flowers everywhere, colorful five colours.After visiting the location of the TV drama "the princess huanzhu" - the moon lake scenic area), Mongolian moon lake also known as "salad Noel lake", is one of the most important scenic spot sihanba.And then return to chengde, visit summering manor, late night at chengde.

food recommendation: chengde manchu flavor dishes, all kinds of game, like deer meat is absolutely not can not taste, someone can also taste the dishes while zhuang, manchu shows quite well.

day 4: morning driving to qinhuangdao, it takes about 3 hours time.Can visit the famous day afternoon first pass - shanhaiguan, late night at qinhuangdao.

food recommendation: qinhangdao's seafood is very good very good oh, especially seafood night market, but, like many tourist attractions, must ask price is before eating.

the fifth day, a day at the beidaihe.This trip is needs to see season, summer is good, other season is not recommended, qinhuangdao has, after all, belongs to the north, and out of the shanhaiguan is the commissioner of the said in the past, the weather is cold, summer of beidaihe beach is absolutely not as inferior as domestic any beach.

hebei's regular schedule is so commonly, of course, in fact, chengde, mulan paddock area far from two days can complete, play a three or four days there is no problem, other attractions such as xibaipo, baiyang lake, chaoyang groove can be fond of according to oneself to.

shanxi article:

written in front, has always been a big tourist province of shanxi, a lot of a lot of domestic well-known scenic spots, and shanxi pasta culture but also the cultural card of a renowned at home and abroad.

keywords: shanxi pasta, jin merchants, mount heng, pingyao

shanxi tourism must go: ancient city of pingyao, wutai mountain, mount heng, and yungang grottoes

choose to: shanxi tourism hukou waterfall, taihang grand canyon, continous mountain, yanmenguan, hongtong big locust tree, jstars courtyard, royal mansion

will experience: shanxi pasta performances and pasta books

trip planning:

: on the first day of taiyuan city nothing fun, today will directly go to the ancient city of pingyao, it is strongly recommended that lived in pingyao ancient city for one night.Pingyao ancient city to taiyuan is forty minutes, very convenient.And most ancient city, the ancient city of pingyao has its own unique local customs and culture, all kinds of shanxi characteristic culture here show incisively and vividly, especially the night falls, the lights, the bustling crowd, Shouting with shanxi accent, continuous clusters allows you to generate a feeling of don't know what day is today.Late night at pingyao.

food recommendation: pingyao beef must taste, pingyao so-and-so hospital performance of pasta department not to watch.

day 2: pingyao - taiyuan, wutai mountain.By car directly from taiyuan to wutai mountain, it will take about 4 hours.Can directly into the afternoon, swim in turn xiantong temple, DaYuan temple, bodhisattva, downward again by the way, turned into DaYuan temple east gate.After visiting DaYuan temple, on the south coast, in wan FoGe a visit.Night can go to the black screw top five sets of the night, and then in Taiwan huai town hotel.

food recommendation: Taiwan mushroom is really nice, but order must bargain!!!!!

on the third day: a day at the wutai mountain.Take a day trip from Taiwan huai town minibuses, visiting south yamadera, longquan temple, PuHua temple, like the illustration of the temple.Can also choose to dongtai wanghai peak sunrise in the morning, and then swim brigitte yamadera.Back to Taiwan huai town take a break at noon, afternoon walk about 5 kilometers to the south of zhenhai temple, PuHua temple, south yamadera.In the afternoon to datong hotel.

day 4: this morning can be driven to mount heng, visit the famous beiyue, a visit to the tower, by the way.Tower is really very good very good, no matter with Cuba, or curiosity, or descent, or adventure can have their own experience, it's important to note that hung road still have certain risk, must pay attention to their own safety.In comparison with "people north column", "unique mountains", "the second day mountain" reputation of mount heng small make up the individual feels it's not a big watch, general scenery, look at, night back to datong hotel.

the fifth day: morning visit to the yungang grottoes.As introduced in front of the longmen grottoes, it is strongly recommended that please a guide, the religious culture, strong attractions no outsider is of the essence of a.

shanxi a regular part of the basic, here small make up to say, however, taihang grand canyon if time permits, and you are in June and July to shanxi tourism, must must go!!!!!!Though fame is not big, but the scenery is in some ways as zhangjiajie where to go!!Grand and profound revolution and the forceful culture and other mountain can't than.Other recommended some choose to attractions are also very good, rich tourism resources in shanxi, is worth to again and again.

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