"Renamed" the most successful tourist cities in China, the renamed, tourists increased 10000 times

the shangri-la, it is many people aspire to xanadu, pure land on earth, pilgrimage attracts countless tourists every year.Tourism people, in 2016, shangri-la , as high as 14.8179 million.

however, 20 years ago, "shangri-la" is a name to it off slag, unknown small town, reception of visitors every year, more than 1000 people.

the shangri-la county, formerly known as" ZhongDian County ", is located in sichuan and yunnan Tibet border DiQingZhou in yunnan province, was a nondescript county hidden deep in the mountains, to the as the main economic source of forestry."One" is a very simple name, meaning " the emirates on " or " raising Mao zho place ".

although ZhongDian County with beautiful beautiful scenery, but the scenery, in sichuan-yunnan region is not unique.Plus, the local economy is very backward, reception ability is weak, the county is not a hotel, in 1995, only tourists here 1200 .

ZhongDian County old photo

how to improve the awareness?This small town, from a English novels have derived inspiration .

in 1933, the British writer James Hilton, in the novel "lost horizon", painted a picture for the first time in the range of high mountains of the east land of eternal peace and quiet , a xuefeng throughout, temples, deep valley, surrounded by forest, cattle and sheep flocks of xanadu , Hilton is called shangri-la "" (Shangri - La, meaning "in the heart of the sun").After tens of years, "shangri-la" has been attracting global tourists looking for eyes.

" lost horizon "

the word" Shangri - La ", according to a letter from the Tibetan "shangrila", meaning "pure land", is an ideal pure Tibetan buddhists to yearn for.The buddhish thought, "shambhala" is a fictional xanadu .

DiQingZhou government found that portrayed in" lost horizon "scene - red, snow-capped mountains, forests, temples and lamas, and the scene of the sichuan-yunnan area.In October 1996, the " looking for shangri-la in yunnan " research start, in September 1997, yunnan formally announced: the world looking for arcadia, shangri-la, yunnan diqing.The news, immediately sparked a global sensation."Zhongdian county, in 2001 officially changed its name to" "shangri-la county.

this name, let the poor small county seat, become the world famous tourist resort.In 2000, shangri-la officially changed its name , before its tourist trips has soared to 1.19 million, and in 2016, officially changed its name in 15 years later, its tourist visitors grew by more than 10 times again (14.8179 million).If compared with 1995, 1200, 20 years, "shangri-la" the scale of tourists has increased by more than 10000 times!

tourists flock to

however, ZhongDian County" unauthorized "renamed" shangri-la ", sparked controversy.Many people believe that the shangri-la is a fictional world , there is no actual place, ZhongDian County it exclusive possession of , is inappropriate.Those "view similar to ZhongDian County" area, the dissatisfaction."Lijiang of yunnan and sichuan, for instance, the" daocheng "agree that they are" real shangri-la ".

sichuan DaoChengYa butyl

but anyway, ZhongDian County has" synthetic-aperture ", will be the world to the world for the quiet , become a reality of on , finally made the small town, also made "shangri-la".View, name or the early!

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