The right travel play the fourth article in domestic provinces, jiangsu, anhui, zhejiang, fujian

the third did well in yunnan, guizhou, guangdong, guangxi, thank you for your reader, though small make up will make persistent efforts, efforts to create a more detailed strategy for your reference, you have any questions or need small make up to help solve also can leave a message in the comments section.Small make up again, small make up recommend are regular, the vast majority of people go to the scenic spots, a little all the lines can be very good but small make up generally not recommended, because these places audiences is not too much or reach difficult, like meili snow mountain in yunnan province and the rain fall on foot.And, again, oh, in order to avoid advertising, articles in all restaurants, small make up to so-and-so instead, want to know can ask small make up.

jiangsu article:

to be honest, sense of jiangsu good difficult to write, although the basic small make up have been to every corner, but to be fair, let small make up out of the 123 key recommendation is hard really, because basic every city has a well-known attractions, jiangsu everyone travel purpose and view of the scenery is different, small make up can only say that try to, biased place please forgive me, oh.

if you only have one day time: nanjing enough you around for a whole day!Can visit in the morning sun yat-sen's mausoleum scenic area, including sun yat-sen's mausoleum, Ming tomb, soul valley temple, the three main scenic spot and the bandstand, meihuashan small scenic spots, such as half a day can be done very questionable;Then you can go to the presidential palace in the afternoon, the holocaust memorial comprehension of history, can also go to the republic of China customs street feeling amorous feelings of the republic of China, nature also can't afford to waste in the evening, beside qinhuai vigil is necessary.

food recommendation: nanjing food really a lot of famous snacks are: a certain's chicken soup juice package, bridge beef pot stickers (2 on the tip of the tongue, also someone says a better eating, each one different tastes), a woman cake regiment, etc., but are a little sweet;Dinner can be considered: so-and-so big file (basic nanjing snack full cover, but the team is absolutely to heart), want to eat authentic huaiyang cuisine can be considered a garden restaurant or so-and-so stove, all in the five-star hotel, environment, service, product absolutely no words, so-and-so is said to be on the tip of the tongue 2 foci of the huaiyang cuisine one as executive chef, small make up eaten, that is good.

if you have three days time, small make up to tangle, which two recommended...Small make up will be a few route list, each reader choose according to oneself to like it.Route of

a: nanjing - yangzhou swim in three days.Nanjing actually must play at least a day and a half to complete, the second day go to yangzhou in the afternoon, visit he garden history such as parks, night watching the beijing-hangzhou grand canal;The third day morning tea, taste the authentic yangzhou visit west lake, and then return.

route 2: nanjing, wuxi swim in three days.Half a day in the same way, the next afternoon visit studio, on the third day morning turtle head isle, lingshan Buddha statue in the afternoon, and then return.

line 3: nanjing, suzhou tour in three days.Suzhou city several big attractions you can according to oneself be fond of reasonable distribution to the time of a day and a half, huqiu, hanshan temple, lion grove, humble administrator's garden, gratitude temple, etc.

line 4: nanjing - lianyungang city for three days.This trip is very drive, is not recommended, want to go to swim, can consider to 5 lianyungang huaguo mountain, sea yuntai mountain are worth a visit.

line 5: nanjing - yixing swim in three days.The next afternoon arrived in yixing tianmu lake, living in the bamboo sea, bubble hot spring, eat fish head, life is wonderful.On the third day can visit tianmu lake scenic area.

if you have five days: so the 3rd choice swim above two together, the traffic is very convenient, high-speed is two or three hours at most things, of course, also can add a town LiangRiYou on a route, such as nanjing, suzhou, zhouzhuang 5 swimming is also very good.Or to a depth vernier nanjing - lianyungang 5.Nanjing to play two days, three days of lianyungang enough of the ball, can also be dropping in yancheng red-crowned cranes.

if you have seven days, so for three days swimming choose three compact arrange time is enough.

anhui article:

finally wrote a small hometown, basic is one of the most famous scenic spot in anhui mountain!!Mount huangshan, tianzhu mountain, jiuhua mountain, reed {langya}, dabie mountain in anhui, then open the way to the specific is what?

if you only have one day time: hefei to tell the truth, really nothing interesting, or go to the mountain of chuzhou reed {langya}, is most suited to schedule a day here, the other three, five, seven days trip basic won't have him.Reed {langya} mountain is famous because the zuiweng pavilion of ouyang xiu, is also the vegetation lush, tree-lined, scenic spot on the worse atop, feel very good.

food recommendation: anhui keeping especially halogen old goose is very, very good, you must taste it.Huangshan smelly mandarin fish, tofu see every man be fond of.

if you have three days time, so have no choice, is to huangshan!!!!!Yes, huangshan scenic needless to say, three days, can have a good visit to huangshan scenic area, recommend tiandu feng climb a as far as possible, maybe a little tired, but after the top feeling really good.If you have been to huangshan mountain, tianzhu mountain for three days swimming is also a good choice, look from the scenery alone, tianzhu mountain never lose its any mountain, this is definitely not small make up is anhui talent so to speak, this is all to the consensus of the people, than the mountains, lack of perhaps culture and historical sites, but it is absolutely worth visiting the place;Of course, if you like history, modern history, in particular, the dabie mountains is also a good choice, rode to the anhui luan, then sit bus to go.

if you have five days, then - huangshan huizhou ancient town of 5, swim, huangshan mountain for three days, male XiDi, hong cun, village for two days, beautiful scenery, ancient town of the gang, and huangshan to the ancient town quite developed and convenient transportation.

if you have seven days, then on the basis of the five days tour, two days, plus the jiuhua mountain scenery, ancient town, pay all covers, and can directly make zhejiang continue to visit.Zhejiang article


if you only have one day time: hangzhou enough you play all day long, just a west lake scenic area, not necessarily all day.Morning ship trip on the lake in the three island, then visit middle-east, bai causeway, coasts, YueFeng grave sites, such as river lane street, also can go to the west lake, there are a lot of delicious food, old branches also has a lot of jiangnan characteristics of small objects, taobao, especially for girls.Compact or time, afternoon visit lingyin temple, evening again to see west lake water music fountain, at night, of course, there is a can be said to have to go to the place, that is songcheng.Songcheng historic performance can be said to be one of the best domestic, shock, definitely worth a visit.In short, hangzhou city one day quite nervous, suggested time allowed at least to arrange two days to visit.

food recommendation: snacks, on the side of the west lake lakeside so-and-so view inside are all hangzhou snacks, takeout window dessert taste is also very good, recommend to taste;Came to hangzhou to another have to eat is noodles, one British noodle on the tip of the tongue 2, one hundred years old so-and-so pavilion noodle, hangzhou locals, especially the taxi driver favorite one yun, a noodle shop (the two stores together next to), the surface is really good to make you doubt yourself in small home jasper jiangnan.Want to eat dinner, said so-and-so lake view 2 in front of the building also has a more authentic and hangzhou cuisines, want to eat more prominent, certainly is so-and-so building.

if you have three days: so take a day and a half to go to hangzhou, the west lake scenic area, a day to visit would be around 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, and then the performance of songcheng eternal love, the second day morning lingyin temple, hangzhou famous attractions basic play times, a day and a half behind you can choose the following route:

route one: hangzhou - wuzhen tour in three days.The next afternoon went to wuzhen, prowling west gate, on the third day morning visit to the east gate, back in the afternoon.

route 2: hangzhou - hengdian three days.High-speed rail travel to yiwu the next afternoon, afternoon visit the studio two of the scenic spot, night dream valley is necessary, the second day in two other big scenic spot, and then return.

line 3: hangzhou - thousand island lake in three days.To belong to the seasonal trip this extended travel, suitable for summer, arrive the next afternoon, thousand island lake side, on the third day visit qiandao lake, feel very good.

line 4: hangzhou, shaoxing, three day visit.The next afternoon to shaoxing, very close very close, in the afternoon to visit lu xun's former residence, dinner, of course, a certain article mentioned the restaurant taste lu xun;On the third day can take WuPengChuan touring shaoxing, can also go to yu ling.

if you have five days of time, so the above three, four routes you can choose two of a joining together to, but need to go back.Or you can choose to hangzhou - ningbo - zhoushan swim five days.This belong to summer line, line is not recommended during the spring and autumn or winter, zhoushan seafood is very fresh and delicious, shenjiamen night market is prosperous, is definitely not a beach gear lose any domestic night market.Mount putuo is very worth a visit, in zhoushan, the 5th time enough to play.

if you have seven days, you can swim deep in zhejiang province, in addition to the recommended route, can also choose to wenzhou, hangzhou, jinhua, lishui, a line tour, on this line, you can visit to jinhua shuanglong cavity, hengdian studios, lishui south tip of rock, yandang mountain in wenzhou, such as scenic spots of naxi river nowadays, all the way to play all the way scenery, finally returned from fujian.

fujian article:

if you have a day: what?Are you in fuzhou?!!!!!!!!!Ok, you to look, don't forget to a the most authentic Buddha jumps over the wall, as for attractions, south backstreet, jinshan temple, tower temple fame is not large, just take a look.If you are in xiamen, that there is no doubt that go to the gulangyu island around, and time can be fond of according to oneself tour around the island road or xiamen university or south putuo temple, apparently, xiamen is absolutely not enough, one day play for at least two genius can play basic times.In the evening can consider to come to visit zhongshan road pedestrian street.

food recommendation: don't miss so-and-so like sweets and peanut soup, in addition to sweet without any disadvantage;So-and-so satay noodles taste very authentic, also can add seafood dishes, your budget by people;Gulangyu old faucet oyster omelet is very delicious, there must be a try.

if you have three days, then take a two days around xiamen well, apparently at least one night at night live in gulangyu island, the third day can choose tulou or knot one go, here small make up more than saying, knot is really belongs to the typical not to regret regret more man-made attractions, if no special circumstances is not suggest to.

if you have five days, so in addition to xiamen two days, can consider to go to the wuyi mountain or taimu mountain.Wuyi mountain famous, since don't have to say more, it is small dahongpao show think zhang four big impression of one of the best, the scenery is good, is worth to;The name taimu mountain is very strange?In fact, taimu mountain is quite a good niche sites, belongs to the small make up not many people often say that a lot of, not busy not cold and cheerless, with mountain sea island food has an excellent place scenery, can high iron to ningde to, consumption is not high, price cheap, seafood fair, honest people, is very good.

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