"North Korea with mass line" the first set

with a travel agency took a trip to the north, 8 to swim, go is probably has more than 60 people, is the first travel agencies.

I was attending, north Korea, Pyongyang, swim myohyang mountain, kaesong and dandong depth 8.Are the elderly, is the old age tour, I am the youngest, always old anyway, mix a familiar face first.Ha ha.Old age group, characteristic is slow, we are the train to shenyang, then bus to dandong, north Korea.

18, on this day, I more than 9 points to wuxi railway station, already has a lot of people in a set point, there are general manager personally led out of this.I received my travel cap, signed, and the breastpiece.Name badges, train berth number, bus seat number, led the staff number, and we call the Chinese embassy in north Korea, everything is all right.Actually this kind of worry is redundant, because this car is a us a tour group.

into cars, put your luggage on myself, on the shop next to someone kindness remind, can put your luggage on the rack, I said thank you.Alone, and no song, don't want to move to move to, or on the side, sleep centering.

is hard sleeper train.First, in a nutshell, we this 6 people, across the upper berth, the tailor pu boss, a 70 - year - old, paving in the aunt, Ann town, opening the hotel before, at the age of 72.Lower bag aunt, power supply bureau retire, 78 years old, has been to 38 countries.I'm here, I was, a retired worker.Spread of master li, his wife, in the next room is in the shop, 59, before driving a taxi.A lower berth, President Chen, before retirement is a key primary school principals, small Lou lane, less slaughter house later.Wuxi

train to shenyang, 25 hours, long long, wuxi people, use your miles I said ni of wuxi dialect, pretty busy, to say, say to the purpose of the trip to north Korea.Aunt said, where to go, it does not matter as long as someone called her.Her long term tourism has 6 times this year, went to the second trip to Tibet, because second trip to the potala palace for the first time taken photos not clear.Package the aunt said, a good place to go, the United States, Italy, France, Japan, Singapore, poor places to go and see.It was my turn, I said is very simple, all say north Korea is poor, not even have enough, I go to Korea to lose weight, lose weight, lose weight.

then, old people discussed the problem, you have to agree that this is not to eat do not have enough to eat, eat well, eat bad problems.

bento, 25 pieces of a box in the train, have meat potato, tomato scrambled eggs.In bengbu, outside on the platform is 8, 10 blocks of a poached eggs, pork stir-fry long beans, yellow bean sprouts.In xuzhou, cart is $15 a box on the platform, the carriage or 25 pieces.

at noon the next day, the train to shenyang station.Everyone you to help me, I help you, get off the bus.

on the bus, ready to go to dandong.See shop by the side of the road, auspicious wonton, good kind, because a wuxi has wonton, called auspicious.The bus at 4 PM on August 19th, in dandong, xanadu village hotel.Room is small, somewhat similar to jinjiang star.

luggage on the bus, and across the yalu river, a few minutes to the north north pyongan province provincial capital XinYiZhou, also is one of the richest states of north Korea.We get off the bus back to dandong.Were the line again, fat guide in head count again.Waited in line for almost two hours, we entered the hall, the luggage into the machine security checks, again on the table, open, inspectors looked for north Korea.Clean up the mess bag aunt baggage, have a little impatient, said, I have been to 38 countries in the world, there is no such a country, the more the more poor.Pu said the tailor, Vietnam is no different.You sit on the bus again, this is north Korea's, go to the railway station, and a few minutes, arrived.A guide on a train, north Korea also arrived, black black rod thin, introduce yourself, surnamed shao.Fat guides and thin guide returned the cell phone camera to you, account we can't take photos, especially the soldier.We took a train is soft sleeper, six men a box.Train old, broken than our green train, also do not supply hot water.

the train out of the window, although no photos, but according to a few mobile phones, thin guide didn't say anything.The endless rice fields, golden yellow.

railway side, open the door with flowers, a bit like he flower, full of vitality.

the way we see cattle and sheep, are very thin, didn't see the chickens and ducks.The distance short house, mud embryo.

the train to Pyongyang railway station 17 PM, up to a little girl, is north Korea tour guide, not fat.She asked us to the phone dial the fast half an hour, said Pyongyang's time, I took out a samsung mobile phone, a see automatic fast for an hour, so that in a few days later, I have been to samsung, Pyongyang's time, Beijing time, add half an hour and half hour, make my brain is messed up.Alzheimer's disease.

the first scenic spot to Pyongyang is mansudae fountain in the park, mansudae grand monument, there is a symbol of the swift horse statue of north Korea's revolutionary spirit.

Pyongyang is a bit like our 70.80 s, everybody admire the Kim dynasty, Kim il sung, Kim jong il's badge with sb on it, the woman general light make-up, wearing western style can also, male black black rod thin, single wear model.Few road cars, bicycles, and the old method of bus, tram, as if the clock back.

two jiang hotel occupancy in the evening.Two jiang hotel halfway up the mountain, out of the window's taedong and other what jiang.Hotel facilities obsolete, bathtubs, small ceramic tile, thick changhong televisions, as if came to a small town, but does not like, because of everything all clean.

two jiang hotel, thin guide, hotel, dinner at a restaurant.Quite big, although there is no big fish big meat, to eat is no problem.

eat good dinner, we literally around in the lobby.Although north Korea is a closed country, the currency can be used here, without changing the north Korean currency., which is roughly 1 yuan and north Korean currency in 17 blocks of the currency, but the clerk just as the dollar to calculate, and then into RMB.Pu tailor bought a gold Pyongyang, 70 yuan, let the man taste.Everyone says a little pale, think it's too cheap.Results in the elevator meet a northeast person, often doing business in north Korea, said outside the cigarettes, buy no more than 30 yuan.

package the aunt said, now, we are a foreigner, the price is not expensive.Consider, too.Later heard that 727 cigarettes is the most expensive hotel, the next day everyone went to bought a pair.President Chen also bought a painting, price 1800 yuan, offer 1200.Thin north Korean male guide happy dead, always beside help to bargain, also can ensure smooth belt through.I seriously doubt have rebates.

the buffet breakfast in the hotel, to prolong life medicine, ginseng, the origin of kaesong.

past the arc DE triomphe, the tour guide is the world's largest, is higher than France's arc DE triomphe 10 meters.At breakfast, ping aunt took my hand suddenly and mysteriously said, know the male tour guide?Thin.I know said, north Korea, on the face without meat.Aunt ping said, that man is plainclothes police.I say know, is north Korea's national security agency.Aunt said, how do you know?I answer, see online.Aunt ping 1 face puzzled, out what's the relationship between tourism and national security, we went out to see, I don't have in the Russian police followed.I don't understand it.Aunt ping this Ann town open a small hotel also don't understand.Aunt ping xi xi ha ha, heartless.The classic jokes, are in Moscow, Russia.But the tour has a plainclothes police followed, she think the problem is very serious, is the "cultural revolution", every time I took my camera to ask, can this take?

Pyongyang to kaesong, the bus need 2.5 hours.The road, two guide to we continue to Kim thought education, hear us sleepy.To active atmosphere, female guide sing the "flower girl", a familiar lyrics, sad songs, you hum, male guide will sing the "volunteers" before, the simple, spirited, across the yalu river...

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