Lies in xian city pedestrian street a hotel with dirt, silently into the!

I remember 2011 sophomore year summer, I play with two friends to go to xi 'an.We live in lies, pedestrian street in one hotel, specific call what I forgot.As it was in July, xi 'an at that time also is the tourist season, all the hotels are full.Very not easy to find the hotel, we quickly at the front desk to register, at the end of the corridor on the third floor of the front desk reception said only one room, at that time, is we are lucky, because the room is just someone check out, we would have caught.Finally had the arrival of the. After all, was found several accommodation is full, I afraid I and the elder brother a few sleep.

I just came into the house, the room is spacious, but the light is not very enough, is a big bed room, I didn't much care about feel bad environment at that time, in the evening we also has several elder brother play back more than 11 points, three of us to squeeze a big bed, no room (only the bad package) as soon as the two guy lying asleep, I slept on the bed and don't know why you feel sleep, I lay in bed to the plan the next day's travel plan.

this time I heard the voice of the room floor have to walk, I remember the floor is wooden floor room, walk a isalso noise on it.I wasn't too care about, that was the voice of the air conditioning blows to the floor.After a while the crunching sound still didn't stop, I'll turn off the air conditioner, finally quiet.After two minutes, the crunching voice sounded again, I'm sure someone walk on the floor, it is to walk, not coming from upstairs, is coming from my living room.Then I feel a little weird, hurriedly thinking about sleep away, getting closer and closer to the sound of that as a result, it was like someone was slowly walked to the bed, from a distance and squish.Then I heard the voice came to the bed and came to a sudden stillness, I immediately frighten sat up to turn on the lights, find the shoe they two vertical neatly on the bed, the top of the shoe at me.I immediately kicked their shoes, friends said my god and on the second day early in the morning we found the other rooms available in other room.Afterwards also listen to other people say don't live between housing corridor, from the last at that time I just high school who understand so many rules, but in retrospect, I'm sure should be "dirt" on the move and go to my bed.And advise you go out in the outside tourism friends regardless of superstition, really don't live in a room at the hotel most.

college later remember home come to lanzhou, I spend the night in a hotel near the airport on the day of the heavy rain, also don't have room on the second floor of the hotel room, from the last twelve o 'clock in the morning I was watching TV.Then.............................All of a sudden......................... The power went out.........Corridor opaque, black paint of sloppy, I'm worried about what will happen, witty diamond sutra, I take phone put a night at five o 'clock in the morning to the electricity.Also good didn't method what strange things.

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