Ctrip released ranking: clear lower-tier cities tourism "outbreak"

the people in Beijing on April 5 (xinhua reporter Helen) ctrip travel the newly released "2017 ranking" qingming festival tourism, including the most popular top ten city, top ten popular destinations, top ten leisure holiday destination, the top ten most popular scenic area, 10 outbound tourism countries.Reports indicate that the qingming festival small long vacation travel record, outbound tourism become more Chinese new choice.

small long vacation concentrated outbreak Qingming travel is 4 times daily

on April 5, ctrip travel through the hundreds of thousands of individual visitors from the join the swim team, analysis, combined with 250 million ctrip user data, released "2017 ranking" qingming festival tourism.Statistics show that three days holiday, our country has 205 tourists, medium cities from ctrip reservation with the group tour, freedom, and a day, cruise vacation product such as, reach, including China, in 95 countries around the world, 795 destinations.Of these, 60% are domestic travel, 60% are outbound travel.April 1-3 days starting on April 3 in the number of tourists, is usually 3 to 4 times, small long vacation travel effect is obvious.

ctrip travel, according to data from the large walk in the garden, "to the countryside", rural tourism is becoming a hot spot of qingming outing.More than half of travel demand is concentrated in mini-vacations and surrounding, 54% of people choose line within 3 days, mainly to participate in the province and surrounding provinces tourism, booking bus tour, self-driving cars, high-speed rail travel, and other products.36% of visitors to choose products, 4-6 in plane between domestic tourism and outbound tourism is given priority to neighbouring countries.Long distance travel abroad also favored by people, about 10% of visitors to choose more than 7 days trip, online registration us 9, swim, swim and so on Europe and the United States Australia Australia 11 products.

travel's most popular cities: the 234 line tourism "outbreak"

the tomb-sweeping day, citizens become the main force which city?Data based on ctrip, domestic travel outbound tourism products, this year there are 205 cities of visitors online registration, report released "2017 small vacation the most popular top ten city", is in turn: Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu, hangzhou, nanjing, tianjin, chongqing, wuhan, the most active citizens in the city of a small vacation, visitors accounted for more than half of the country.

from the growth rate, "qingming festival 2017 small vacation ten dark horse city" is: wuhan, nanjing, shenyang, xiamen, xining, suzhou, ningbo, hangzhou, guiyang, chengdu, through the website and APP for tourists increase more than 100%.Outbreak of lower-tier cities travel demand, in order to live for the origin of peripheral swim, swim in the province become a new bright spot.

small long vacation starting 10 cities small long vacation starting top ten fastest growing city

CCTV recently released by the economic life of China's major survey also showed that the second - and third-tier cities tourism consumption in 2017 will surpass first-tier cities.One line, two lines, three lines city residents' willingness to travel distribution were 41.9%, 45.3%, 46.4%, the second - and third-tier cities, the will of the citizens.

why lower-tier cities travel demand outbreak?Ctrip travel expert analysis, it is these areas to improve transportation, road trips, high iron is very convenient;Tourist routes, the visa is also more convenient;Compared with cities, these areas is also a spring outing and rural tourism hot spots;In addition, the popularity of smartphones and mobile payments, Internet travel company promotion promotion, offline store layout, is driving around the travel boom.

list of the most popular destination

small vacation this year, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, xian, chongqing, wuhan, nanjing, shenzhen become "2017 top ten popular destination city";Chengdu, xiamen, sanya, kunming, lijiang, Dali, hangzhou, guilin, zhuhai, guiyang as "2017 top ten leisure holiday destination".Hangzhou west lake, the bund, Shanghai, Beijing the imperial palace, the ancient city of lijiang, the Summer Palace in Beijing, huangshan - wuyuan, the jiuzhaigou, wuzhen, gulangyu as "2017 top ten most popular scenic spot".

outbound list: southeast Asia, South Korea's most cold and cheerless

the tomb-sweeping day holiday 36% chose outbound tourism, to reach more than 60 countries and regions in the world.Report released "2017 10 outbound qingming festival small long vacation the most popular country", is in turn: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Cambodia, the United States.

analysis report, this year the largest decline popular destination is South Korea, Japan and southeast Asia outbound tourism become a mainstream small long vacation choice.The clarity of the 10 most popular destination countries, southeast Asia accounted for 7, in addition to Thailand, and Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, the United States.Thailand with obvious advantages ranked first, become the most popular with Chinese tourists outbound tourism destination, this year during the qingming festival, every day there are thousands of Chinese tourists to ctrip Thailand tour.Popularity in Japan ranked second, become the most popular flowers destination abroad, Tokyo, Osaka, sentiment, Nagasaki, fukuoka, become the most popular cruise destinations such as ports.

in addition, ctrip also released in Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing, hangzhou, chengdu, chongqing, wuhan, shenyang, site popular destination rankings.

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