Chinese tourists shopping centre shopping tour bus luggage had been stolen

to Chinese tourists shopping center shopping tour bus in the luggage had been stolen

in the rear of the light, more than ten pieces of luggage all was stolen a few bottles of mineral water.(the United States the world journal)

March 15 (xinhua) China overseas network According to the United States, the world journal reported to China tour line 10 13 in Palm Springs (Palm Springs) direct shopping in a shopping center (Outlets), take the tour bus all luggage inside the car was stolen, it would all harvest trip to the United States, in that night before boarding the plane a few hours all their shattered, let a person want to cry.

responsible for arranging the ten American trip to Los Angeles local travel agency staff, says Mr Qin passengers from nine different companies in China, main purpose of this trip is to attend an important large-scale exhibition.Four days after the show, they travel for short.13 in the evening before the plane, travel agency to arrange their direct selling to palm springs shopping shopping center.

Los Angeles abnormal high temperature these days, the palm springs is even higher than the city many degrees, the guide can't have been sitting in the car to do most.Then guide the lock the door and to leave the bus.Around 3 PM, ten passengers back to the bus, but found that the door is open, and then to look inside of their suitcase stolen all the room.Everyone lost in thousands of dollars, and buying designer bags and so on.

oddly enough, the coach from the appearance point of view, there is no damage, is not pry the door, the window has not been hit, Mr Qin suspected thieves with special means of electromagnetic waves, such as driving a car door.Shopping center hanging banner reads "Shop Safely" remind everyone safe shopping, there are also ride electric vehicles patrolling security, but it seems not.

the travel agency has to the local police, but don't know if there is a video in the parking lot, we are well aware, caught the thieves find the possibility of property is very low.Guest stolen, says Mr Qin not only is this period of time in the United States procurement items, "the most important, they attend trade shows for all materials, including at the fair collect customer information, contact way, all in the box, stolen together, and this is the main purpose of the United States, the equivalent of this trip to a trip to the United States is white come".

the only good news is that the tourists at least give your passport to take back the package, back home in the evening, at least not delay 13 in the evening all members AnDi airport for boarding.After 13 afternoon called the police, they drove around under the guidance of the tour guide around the shopping center luck, hope after the thieves steal luggage only interested in the valuables, and throw out the rubbish as file data, if there is "good luck", perhaps can find scattered on the ground in the streets of files.Other travel agency staff when also rushed to palm springs, and together they find a file on the street, but in the end.

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