"Emergency" everyone people + + car car blocking wall wall!Guangxi more emergency!Scene too shocked!

to fifth, to meet the god of wealth!

a elder sister also wish everyone here:

kind generative, easily to goods!

convenient accumulate, back into money!

bonanza money!

words for the holiday you go out to play?

anyway, I went out to play a visit to a sister

said don't want to go out during the holiday!

a few days from closed off and

friends who also wants to go out to play pay attention to the

to go out now are people mountain people sea!

!In an emergency in guilin!

under the influence of Spring Festival gala

guilin, elephant trunk hill crowded

this is where go out to play.

it is to see people mountain people sea

and yangshuo is

is also plugging packed

the furthest distance in the world

probably is separated by a sea of

but want to go home also may not be able to back to

because not only blocked one

still a traffic jam!

although not to the scene

but has a sister from weibo and circle of friends in the

the power of feeling the people...

and house prices have increased

that says the highest prices of more than ten thousand really

but one elder sister today I specially checked the

yangshuo's most expensive now has more than 1000

but still can't afford to live!

is not only a guilin

the seaside tourism city is in jeopardy!

!In an emergency in the north sea!

the north sea of old street

the beihai silver beach

north sea port of bridge

weizhou island of beihai

as the cover layer people

traffic is also a car to spill over into the


o house prices up to 19000

feeling I can't afford to open room in the north sea!

but it is now the highest

is more than 1700 points

so I went out to play don't seem to

it's terrible!

it is not only the tourism city

we are liuzhou is piled around road.

a year go out to play is a nightmare!

return peak and the upcoming

so today

one elder sister has returned to stay at home

have a good rest!

prepare work

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