Travel: hainan sanya tourist attraction strategy

hainan sanya tourism has become a must for many friends attractions, before go to sanya tourism is important to know about hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy more, choose your favorite attractions, can play to the representative scenic spots and can save money, so hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy is a plan, for friends, to provide comprehensive explanation on sanya tourist attractions, and share the following detailed hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy, let each person heart has bamboo, happy to play.

about sanya, hainan:

beach, diving, seafood is three eternal theme of sanya resort.Sanya is located in China's southernmost hainan island, the four seasons like summer, flowers in full bloom, known as "the Oriental Hawaii" say, about two hundred km of coastline in sanya, gathering the yalong bay, dadonghai, and sanya bay, and many other gulf, coconut palm forest;In the east, and west increase of sea level, the two island for laps occultation.

wuzhizhou island:
travel: hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy

wuzhizhou island from north haitang bay, sanya, sanya is located in houhai ling wang town village, 2.7 kilometers of the surface of the ocean, the north and the south bay monkey island, is relatively and south yalong bay, known as the day the first bay, 30 kilometers from the center of sanya, sanya phoenix international airport 38 kilometers, adjacent to the hainan eastern highway, the transportation is convenient and quick.

Wu islands waters around the clear transparent, water visibility 6-27 m.Is the best diving base in China.Wuzhizhou island is the most beautiful scenery in the lover's bridge, standing on the shore can see offshore coral reefs in the sea.The view on the island of rock, worth a visit, where you can see the endless sea, blue sky and the boundless sea together, very spectacular.

day "yalong bay", the first bay:
travel: hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy

yalong bay, sanya is located in the east, about 20 kilometers on three sides by mountains, south of the crescent type to the open arms of the sea sand, delicate, white water visibility 7 to 9 m, known as the "day the first bay" there's a butterfly valley, BeiKeGuan, central plaza, tennis club, golf courses, coastal beaches, choose a hotel stay here, quietly enjoying a few days the life of the sea, has become the first choice for tourists, of course, that is the hotel price is higher than elsewhere in the hotel price.

if you like walking, along the yalong bay beach, can from the yalong bay center square, walk to the sheraton hotel, came back, can through the marriott hotel, walk road.Few people here, that is quiet and distant, like walking in his garden.

ah norda tropical rainforest:
travel: hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy

ah norda tropical rain forest scenic area is China's only real tropical rain forests, which is located in the 18 degrees north latitude, is the concentration of the five tropical rainforest boutique, hainan island is the most ornamental value of tropical rainforest resources for asiaworld-expo, China's diamond level forest scenic area.The scenic area only 35 km from sanya, 52 kilometers from phoenix airport, sanya is the back garden.Scenic spot north are connected to the wuzhishan, alongside QiXian ridge;East jams in the south China sea pour waves, beautiful haitang bay near at hand;And the south China sea for the first hot spring south field only late-inning comeback.In the latest revision of the overall planning of tourism, sanya, this scenic area located in sanya tourism planning of ecological landscape axis, is the "above" sanya "golden triangle" area.

betelnut valley:
travel: hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy

betelnut valley scenic spots located in the border BaoTing and sanya GanShenLing nature reserve, to QiXian ridge hot spring about 49 km, 28 kilometers away from sanya, is apart from the eastern highway 8 kilometers, sea YuZhong line pass through the scenic area.Betelnut valley by the native miao village, human-god and primitive rainforest GuSanDa section.

native li village.It is made of several hundred years of history of li village protection.Here, you can see the island's oldest tree ridge group - one hundred betelnut Lin (distinguish between li and han Chinese on the island is the most distinct symbol of the coconut trees and betel nut trees. The home of the han nationality coconut trees, most home of li areca. Most said coconut trees on behalf of another man, tall and thick; betel nut trees on behalf of women thin.);There are disappearing li traditional architecture - boat house;Can be seen by experts as "dunhuang mural" living fossil, mai li embroidered texture;Can see the human in the era of non-woven wore bark;You can see the island's only remaining barn group in one hundred;Can see the most advanced and distinctive ancient Chinese textile tools, techniques and products - waist loom, ju "spinning, dyeing, weaving, embroidery craft and Li Jin;You can see the only island in the Ming dynasty serious lung is;Can also be seen by the horns, log, bamboo, coconut shell made of li ancient Musical Instruments;In addition, there are simulated flight, low [ceramics, li nationality folk music and a series of national intangible cultural heritage protection projects.As visitors, can also be a bamboo pole dance, here have a bar, bamboo rice wine.

the ends of the earth:
travel: hainan sanya tourist attractions strategy

traffic: civil aviation building and other places have a Thursday, about 30 minutes drive.The first market doorway to see toward the end of the world between China and Pakistan, 6 yuan each.Can also be used directly in the yalong bay/dadonghai directly by new double-decker bus that is the line.

the car to some 24 km sanya city "tianyahaijiao", seems to have a feeling to the end of the heaven and earth.Clear water, blue sky color, wide, why napa, coconut trees swaying, the stone forest, the engraved with "tianya", "cape", "south tianyi column", "sea to south day" and so on more than one stone beach, make whole scenic poem, beautiful.

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