Zhangjiajie glass bridge 12 days suspended its official response: try camp is not security

on September 2, zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic area will be closed, including glass bridge "compression reception scale", only to have to make an appointment so far team tourists time-phased open;Complement construction time is expected to be about 10 days, the scenic spot recovery time prior notice.

zhangjiajie glass bridge 12 days suspended its official response: try camp is not security issues

why shutdown?Not security

zhangjiajie cili an official response, has been through the normal procedure of zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge safety acceptance, construction, construction is compliance, suspended not because speculation from the outside security issues, but found some aspects during its soft opening have not done, in line with the attitude of responsible for tourists, local government and the scenic area that need to be on surrounding facilities and tourist environment to optimize a big improvement, the hardware of the grand canyon scenic spot of zhangjiajie matching and tourism environment of a large mass upgrade.

how long closed?More than ten days "oven"

in the local formation of the rectification plan, local in several aspects to the scenic area emergency quality upgrade:

health: for cleanup, with the best environment to meet the domestic and foreign tourists;Facilities: the construction of public facilities, scenic spot facilities work finish, make transportation, sanitation, electricity and garbage disposal facilities in place one by one;Order: controlling the tourism environment of the scenic area surrounding the fluff, in order to achieve the internationalization of scenic spots should be some status and level, to form a long-term mechanism, in order to deal with problems can be the first time in the future;Specification: company staff, security personnel allocation from the scenic spot, and medical Settings, forest fire prevention planning daily management specification to the scenic spot and long-term planning, have to do a big specification;Security: need to confirm that the scenic spot security personnel configuration in place, security, scenic spot monitoring and warning label ready, one by one from the configuration scheme to use facilities, let whole scenic spot of the security system of form a complete mature system;Information: how to release information to the tourists, who will release?How to report back to the city, the province information, communicate with travel agency how to do?The information communication work, should be a clean and specification, form long-term effective mechanism.

zhangjiajie glass bridge 12 days suspended its official response: try camp is not security issues

booking period of time to visit the glass bridge team

on September 2, zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot A line (valley) will all closed, upgrade the rectification;B line will be stopped receiving self-help group, only to have an itinerary of period of time open glass bridge tourists team.As of September 1, have an itinerary of travel agencies, scenic area confirm the visit time.

scenic spot, said the recovery after receiving zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge, will also run over a period of time, found insufficient and improved continuously, after being ripe officially open in an all-round way.

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