Handan city officially opened free WiFi hot spot distribution here

Handan city officially opened free wi-fi hotspots distribution look here

citizens are connected in steps free WiFi - Handan city "I - Handan".Reporter wen-jing wang taken

hebei news on September 2, handan electric (reporter wen-jing wang Interns li shanshan) today, "wisdom, handan free WiFi wireless city opening ceremony," south plaza in the center of the handan city culture and art.This marked the handan city open free WiFi service new era in public places.In the future, people use mobile phones or tablet to connect "I - Handan" can free Internet access.

it is understood that the implementation of handan city public areas free WiFi coverage is established in 2016, a key reform of the municipal party committee, is also an important content of the construction of the "wisdom" in handan.

free WiFi hotspot currently handan city distribution

free WiFi project in handan area includes administrative service places, urban main road, transport hub, park plaza, culture, sports, medical structure, hotels, shopping malls supermarkets, financial places and tourist attractions in ten categories, a total of 150 places.

project is divided into two phases construction, has implemented the city administration service places, urban area, the main transport hub, park plaza and other places of 56 2300 wi-fi hotspots cover.Phase ii focus on medical institutions, hotels, shopping malls supermarkets, financial institutions such as place of WiFi coverage and WiFi coverage within the urban blind spot area of fill construction, 7000 wi-fi hotspots, the entire project construction before the end of October, is expected to achieve complete coverage of the major public area wireless WiFi.

main hot spot distribution: handan city administration service center, the city public security bureau of entry and exit service hall, such as the DMV service hall, city real estate trading center, city water supply, gas, power supply service outlets, CongTai district administrative service hall, hanshan district administrative service hall, to revive the district administrative service hall, economic development zone administrative service hall.

urban main road: renmin road, the street, heping road, CongTai road, east street furong, zone along the road, east loop.

transport hub, railway station, the train station, bus station, bus station, automobile north station, the airport.

park plaza: CongTai park, lake park, zhao yuan park, FuYang park, museum square, handan grand theatre, workers theatre square CongTai renmin road, cultural center square, square, a fond dream.

cultural and sports, cultural and artistic center in the city, city stadium, swimming pools, handan museum, xin xin Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, Hong Kong convention and exhibition center plaza, handan city library.:

hotel jindu hotel, business hotel, handan hotel

tourist attractions: the eighth route army 129 division headquarters site, chaoyang, Beijing niang lake scenic area, hall mountain scenic area, longevity village, wuzhishan tourism, ancient wudang mountain, the tai guang fu ancient city tourist area, seven steps, a fond dream Lv Xian shrine.

Handan city free WiFi to use method

Handan city free WiFi using "I - Handan", as a marker of access to the user after entering hotspots, search the WiFi network, a "I - Handan" logo, connection and open a browser to access, push the page, enter a phone number, mobile phone text messages to complete registration certification, for the first time to implement a login, roaming in the city.

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