Bashang grassland open great Russian circus!

a bombshell came from Beijing north bashang grassland, is like a gust of wind, blowing the city of the sun, the Russian royal xanadu scenic spot of the big circus in hebei FengNing sweat begins grandly!Program for the first look at the event.

performance schedule is as follows: first performance: the evening of August 5th at 21:00 on August 6th - August 20 Twice a day At 10:30 in the morning in the evening at 21:00

bashang grasslands open great Russian circus!

Russia's golden horse awards big circus program is as follows:

bashang grasslands open great Russian circus!

then let's take a look at how the Russian royal circus performance of a group.

this invitation to perform ALLARTCIRCUS performers, is used for the tsar performance circus descendants of the people.Equestrian actors are from the world first-class equestrian family - Ukraine MAISTRENKO and BERDYSHOV descendants of the family, they two families from generation to generation of horses for a living, has won numerous awards.

great Russian circus performances have the FengNing stand the dog cat, aerial acrobatics, clown acting

dragon of bird performance, power, performance, performance and so on, you will be here magnificent tsar fighters to conquer, will be panda bear amused...

bashang grasslands open great Russian circus!

applaused repeatedly puppy competitive and interesting cat adventure, colorful birds flyby, the graceful snake out of the hole, silk FeiFeng dance trapeze, funny and lovely red clown nose, space walk of acrobatics, changeable funny magic, all kinds of performances, such as exotic spectacular shape every show is famous in international professional actors performing, entertaining, interesting and amazing sex at an organic whole, a popular place.

in the end, the event in addition to the grassland, breeze, blue sky, white clouds, humanity and all kinds of entertainment projects, more of the world's top circus performers for you to give a 'surprise, insurance, strange, brilliant visual feast.

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