Travel agencies force tourists shopping lowest 30000 yuan

travel group travel, not only can have the shopping link, also can have multiple shopping.Yesterday, the national tourism administration issued the "regulations on travel agencies SongShenGao (revised draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), in which to arrange shopping places or pay for tourism projects have more clear rules of the travel agency designated specific shopping places or arrange separately paid tourism projects, shall be listed in the package tour contract, detailed instructions and make accurate consensus with tourists, visitors to sign, if lure tourists to participate in the shopping, travel agencies will face a fine of less than thirty thousand more than three hundred thousand.

the national tourism administration said that in order to adapt to changes in the tourism situation, deepen the reform, the advance and better to delegate work, for the travel agents ordinance and the measures for the administration of the Chinese citizens to travel abroad merge two administrative regulations revision, the formation of the "regulations on travel agencies SongShenGao (revised draft)", and began to ask for some advice.So you can see in the regulations after respectively by the two rules and regulations.

arrange shopping should be negotiated with tourists and confirm

join the tourist group in overseas Chinese citizens can also arrange shopping link, has been the focus of the travel agency and tourists.According to the new "byelaw" the travel agency can specify the shopping place, but need to negotiate with tourists, and to make accurate, detailed to tourists, signed and verified by the tourists.Also want to specify in the contract, the schedule are several shopping, what are going to shopping place, how long each time.Have the other paid project you will need to specify the project content, the activity time and price.How not to participate in related activities of tourists is arranged, also want to reflect in the contract.

at the same time, the travel agency declined to tourists don't agree to participate in shopping activities in any package tour contract or raise the cost of travel.

a domestic travel agency marketing chief introduction, since tourism law implementation, they will be chargeable and writing travel shopping link in the contract.Just made further the provisions of the regulations of the clear."Makes no difference now, there is demand for shopping, travel agencies do not specify a shopping link visitors don't promise, there is no demand of lines, quality group walk most of the travel agency."He said.

paid separately tourism projects should be plain code marks a price

according to "byelaw" regulation, the specific shopping sites designated by the travel agency or arrange paid separately tourism projects, the operators shall clearly mark prices on the commodities or services, and shall not use a false and misleading price means to lure tourists to trade, or in violation of the provisions of the laws and regulations for profiteering and other ACTS of unfair price.Travel agencies and their employees shall not by arranging for tourist shopping activities, shall be paid, or the tourist shopping consumption, in the name of the rebate, commission, reward or incentive fees, etc, and obtain the related operators give property.Travel agencies and their employees shall not be beaten, dumping, restrictions on freedom of activity, threats, insults, curses, compel or in a disguised manner compel tourists shopping activities, shall be paid.

fines over 300000 will more than five times the illegal income

travel agencies have forced consumption, forced shopping, package tour contracts concluded lure tourists, shopping activities or otherwise pay tourism projects, etc, according to the provisions of the regulations, shall be ordered to correct by the competent department of tourism, confiscate the illegal income, ordered to stop business operations for rectification.And punishment of a fine of less than thirty thousand yuan of above thirty thousand yuan, if one of more than three hundred thousand illegal income, travel agency shall be put to fine one time but not more than five times the illegal income.

in addition, the illegal travel agencies will also face the industry, in good faith the blacklist penalties, such as last year, the national tourism administration established travel agency list of bad behavior, have forced tourists shopping, abusive, threatening tourists travel in a disguised manner compel shopping behavior will directly by blacklisting.

serious uncivilized behaviors of tourists will be limited flight

according to the provisions of the regulations, tourists in the tourism activities of wrongdoing or serious not civilized behavior, tourism departments may incorporate the relevant information of tourist uncivilized behavior record, publish to the society, and to the public security, customs, inspection and quarantine, frontier defense, transportation, finance and other departments and agencies, industry organizations and the relevant operators.

the relevant departments and agencies, industry organizations, the operator can according to remit that recorded in the credit reporting system, within a certain period of time and taken to limit the outbound travel, border tourism, to participate in team travel, flying and other disciplinary measures.

tourist uncivilized behavior records and punish the specific measures shall be separately formulated by the tourism administrative department under the state council jointly with relevant departments.

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