emergency!!!rockets suffered wan housekeeper type problem leveling substitute conquer de shuai, hopeless


type space power forward how hard it is to play?look at the rocket eighty million mr ryan anderson will understand the ups and downs.kevin realized once again play the role of difficulty.over the past four games, because of the existence of library o, mr kevin are arranged in the power forward position, more of his offensive efficiency plummeted.over the past two games scored in double figures.housekeeper in center with efficient performance, but it's a pity that he is scheduled to play power forward again now.if the current situation continues, kevin back to the rocket may be far off.

play space type power forward is difficult, the knight's all-star power forward love often be fans kuangpen, spray and the rocket's anderson was more.in the rockets tactical system, anderson often get points of stance, open space, thereby creating breakthrough space on the defender.his state and downs, this season, averaging only 10.0 points and 10.0 rebounds per game, i'm sorry his four-year$80 million contract.

the viper team's tactical system and rocket system, also requires power forward open space outside the three-point line.just, housekeeper encounter the situation worse.somehow have harden and paul anderson two super guard feeding the ball, and the viper team defender to patronize his scoring, passing skills, also comfortable attacking the housekeeper is hard to get.

on february 7th viper team 117-123 loss to the northern arizona sun, housekeeper substitute for 20 minutes, 9 points 5 rebounds 2 blocks.this is kevin comeback after a dozen of game 4, still a substitute role.housekeeper in racing back to the old, on the offensive end always floating outside the three-point line, the teammates, shots weren't falling housekeeper reverse layup.in fact, the housekeeper is very big, the threat of the basket housekeeper to low ball, the game suns even adopted a double team, in the second half of this reflects the opponents fear of housekeeper.

housekeeper arm length, height and body fight ability has made big progress, once he want the ball in the basket deeper position, deterrence is very big.february 1, such as game, kevin has four great dunks.on 4 february, housekeeper using fancy footwork offensive scoring twice.but, according to the tactical arrangement, the housekeeper not often to paint, he undertake the task of the open space, and 3 is not the advantage of the housekeeper, coupled with the snake defender of vision are relatively poor, housekeeper at the power forward position is hard to get good grades.

this season housekeeper of main center in viper team, averaging 17.0 points and 8.5 rebounds 2.5 blocks per game playing, and the main power forward, he averaged 10.4 points and 5.4 rebounds and 2.3 blocked shots.obviously, the housekeeper to play power forward data than playing center differ a class.housekeeper in early january had three straight through, continuously to create the data record, it is because he at center, got more opportunities, also played more handy.regret his elbow injury after with high performance, and after another 3 weeks back, housekeeper became a substitute, also returned to the power forward position.

for kevin, this paragraph of time is a hone.rumours the rockets quietly about ryan anderson's market value, can be found in the team are not satisfied with his performance.the housekeeper in recent games harder to impress d 'antoni.housekeeper now need a positive change in the complete tactical requirements at the same time, the impact he had on the offensive end more proactive in paint manufacturing destruction.housekeeper only with strong performances again have a chance back to the rockets, this goal has a long way.

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