which strong low-wage high-energy player this season?a man was plunder one into the all-star team

salaries of low-energy players this season there are a lot of, batum big contract with 22.43 million, averaging 12+4.7+4.7,+41.2% shooting 31.2% from three, his bad status directly affect the hornets, the hornets are difficult to playoffs.chandler parsons-23.11 million of the contract, only 8.8+2.8, the season has played just 26 games went to sit chasing girls, the lakers lopez 22.65 million contract averaged 12 points and 3.9 rebounds and 15.8 points and 4.8 rebounds gallinari, yearly salary 20.65 million, these players let us discussion this time embarrassed, because they are rare"low-wage high-energy"league, every team is like the player, they are not only that, but the playoffs jigsaw puzzles, some even data has reached an all-star level, but their price is not high.

the fifth:drum.rajon rondo(3.3 million)

believe fans will never surprised rajon rondo appear in the list above, pelican 17 years in the summer of 3.3 million was signed the passer, and 330 in the nba in one thousand must be the"labor contract"rajon rondo to now averaged 7.56 points and 8.4 assists and 0.9 steals, more important is the team to fourth averaged 110.8 points and is averaging 26.3 assists ranked second, this data can be said to be very bright eye, and that all the brain has a close connection with the team.crucially is now ranked eighth in the west and the pelican if playoff appearances, rajon rondo such a seasoned veteran will be having the effect that decided the game.in looking back on it, then the value of rajon rondo isn't measured by millions.

4:ken.walker(12 million)

has in the past most of the season, although the hornets now bad and ready to be rebuilt, but the team's star walker can be lasted for efficient performance last season, so far, is averaging 22.5 points and 6.2 assists data very bright eye.and in flying now big contract s 12 million annual salary is low, so to speak.above have said batum take a$23 million contract, data is low, but only 12 million walker was named to the all-star, although is waiting., of course, the hornets underachievement walker also have part of the responsibility, but he is not the key person in charge, he has been very hard.

the third:will.patton(3.33 million)

at the beginning of the nuggets this season has not been good, after all in the west of compny, nuggets seem not so competitive, but surprisingly the nuggets now in seventh place in the western conference.even beat mighty warriors twice.and all this is mainly rely on the team's leading scorer will.barton.maybe him nothing"spotlight".after all, in addition to attend the dunk contest in 2016 and then nothing can let a person remember the moment, but he is averaging 15.6 points and at a crucial moment have extraordinary performance.and 18 years barton contract will expire, believe that when the time comes the tough fight unequivocally"button will"will get a match their ability to contract.

2:louis williams(7 million)

you may have seen the clippers game victory over golden state, lvmh in a wonderful open play war against kevin durant, finally this process with small players throw crazy team beat the warriors scored 50 points rate, but this is just one of the most can reflect ability of rovio game, want to know the season to now cut a 50+30+40+and 14 times four star guard there are only about 7 million year.with team boss griffin trade and a lot of injuries, lvmh will usher in the outbreak of the stronger, but the clippers are now in the west, if into the playoffs rovio's value will be infinite amplification.more important is his new contract and only 3, 24 million, is still is cabbage price contract.it seems the clippers is indeed found a"treasure".

the first:terry g.evans(3.3 million)

the best in the 2009 draft, evans called was difficult decade's talent player, was comparable to the basketball gods michael jordan and the king james, since due to injuries and personality is the most typical problems, in the summer of 17 years with the memphis grizzlies signed a 3.3 million annual contract, but let people unexpectedly is evans bottomed out, guaranteed to average 18.2 points 5 rebounds, 4 assists the astonishing data, also became the team scored the second stable point, take a look at the grizzlies in conley and parsons, conley was last summer to sign a contract with the five years of 152 million to play a total of 10 games this season, parsons, 16 years in summer to sign a contract with the 4, 94.44 million, for the grizzlies evans is really earn big.it is worth mentioning the grizzlies will evans on the shelves of the season when attracted many top clubs are, celtic, knight, pelican, thunder, miami heat, rockets, 76 people are interested in, but too high a price of a grizzly bear want first to sign, so finally ran aground.

article/yan small white

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