why is beijing zhangjiakou pyeongchang games let you seconds to understand!

a big new year's day, cctv5 else entirely-pyeongchang winter games!

controversial voices all over the sky!

attention for two days i also don't understand at first, yeah, pretty is not bad, but also a few china eldest brother elder sister?

my football, basketball, table tennis, you quickly back to me!

later, ez, i suddenly realize!the original...

this is a time for the 2022 olympic winter games in our beijing-zhangjiakou in the broadcast, event organization and so on comprehensive practice, process, the accumulation of experience and lessons to avoid course!

when it comes to this, you may ask, why is jointly organized by beijing-zhangjiakou, look at japan's nagano pyeongchang, this time, we can directly to a china zhangjiakou bai!

, not we look down on yourself, look at the bloody lessons and reality, to the booming of hebei zhangjiakou a reasonable qualitative leap opportunity rather than a flash in the pan!

pyeongchang games are just started before long, the practice of the olympic games thriftily""praise sound:

the organizing committee, the torch tower to 20:30 liu jianhua calls"with"for the model manufacture, the beauty of simplicity and white space shows south korea.the south korean winter olympic games plain and a lot of white space.to save the venue for future maintenance costs, the winter games, to build a series of"one-off"only for the use of the olympics.including opening and closing ceremonies venues, more than half the sports venues and the olympic village buildings will be removed after the olympics.south korea's central daily, said late for fear of opening and closing ceremonies venues and other facilities maintenance fund is too high,"one-off"architecture is more cost-effective decision.

emphasized"saving"pyeongchang, obviously don't want a repeat of sochi four years ago.sochi first heats only$2014 in 12.3 billion, but the final total four times for the budget.after the bid in 2011, nearly 9 trillion won, south korea's budget numbers are now a nearly 14 trillion won(about$12.9 billion).pyeongchang"stingy"spirit is the international olympic committee(ioc) run competitions trend.pyeongchang during the winter olympic games, the ioc issued new rules, prompt the 2022 beijing olympics will be in the next four years in the process of preparing the first implementation of the new rules.bach, hopes to set up the"new standard"in beijing.

but seeing is believing the ear is virtual, we haven't looked at 20:30 liu jianhua calls"with"burn a few days, the appearance of his black legs were fumigated, i really can't believe, pyeongchang"thrifty"is a visceral:

pyeongchang saved the opening and closing ceremonies stadium roof and heating equipment.results last november 4, held here hallyu star concert, there are six audiences because of hypothermia treatment.pyeongchang organizers had to temporarily increase the clear protective film, heater, provide protective supplies to make.pyeongchang refuse compensation together with the isu nhl game because it is not as planned to the games, plus russia khl resistance, absent, both the final two league games.have predicted that winter olympics pyeongchang losses during nearly 40% of the tickets.

food safety.in pyeongchang ahead of the olympics, confirmed infections, such as security guards of the virus from 32 to 86, the olympic organizing committee officials are trying to trace epidemic infection.such as virus, also known as"cruise virus"or"winter vomiting flu", usually through contact with infected individuals, contaminated food and water transmission.

the embarrassment of pyeongchang wasn't minority in the history of the hosting of the olympic games, we know that, as he had of montreal, holding a summer olympic games, spent decades in the debt repayment, nagano winter olympic games in 1998, is a spell and sochi mopped the olympics and dismal paragon:

1998 olympic winter games in nagano:when the opening of the shinkansen from tokyo to new item so only a few minutes of time, this leads to many passengers in order to avoid the guest a peak at that time, so did not choose the new item of the hotel, finally the olympics not only brought new item prosperous scene, even the original passengers are packed away.and when nagano in order to obtain the right of hosting the olympics, but also the international olympic committee(ioc) members provides a variety of expensive services.then new item have maintained their hosting the olympics would have cost$18 million, but the related financial records were destroyed, a professional personage points out, nagano cost should be around$66 million...

do olympic games is for the sake of what?to loss-leader, if had a chance to shouting, even some result is at a loss also have no shouting!

the za beijing-zhangjiakou jointly host the winter games in 2022, i think is a very rational attempt, beijing, super big cities, the nation's capital, zhangjiakou, ice and snow resources, talents, to development, with a big with small, emerging with mature belt, both achievement in becoming the first in the history of the olympic games held in beijing in summer and winter olympic games in the olympic games city, also after the oslo in norway in 1952 after 70 years the capital city of the second host the winter games.also let china be the first to realize the olympic"grand slam"(successively holding the olympic games, paralympic games, youth olympic games, winter olympic games, winter paralympic games).

this choice i agree, so i am very bullish on the prospect of, such, believe that will be the future model!bid to do the easy, go easy!

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