the rockets secret a sign a cropped to most human team!the praise for the mo leishuang hand hold

the rockets although there is no any deals at the trade deadline, but, they were the big winner of the season.because, brandon wright and joe johnson has decided to join the an excellent guard frame+endpoints, a former all-star, good striker and knife at the critical the strength of the reinforcement, let rival fighter with envy, the spurs, the thunder team.however, some people made sacrifices to the rocket reinforcement.

a, he sacrificed by the rockets twice a season

bobby brown, once again become the victim of the team.according to a few days ago woj reported that the rocket in order to make the number of signing joe johnson will lay off brown january, the rockets in mr brown's contract before coming to a full security, had to cut it.until the time on friday, the rockets will last a quota on the brown, and sign up to the end of the season.

however, careful people may find that the rockets have not official announced the news, even well-informed woj are reported after a day after the rockets sign brown's message.anyone outside if it weren't for the cuts, the rockets also are in the, it is really a secret sign.the rockets to inform the alliance in addition to the signing, did not reveal more to the world.

unfortunately, because of the team's construction need, brown became the victim.this is his second rocket this season.last season, he is also the rocket at the expense of his time, in order to sign back to the motel yunus, the rockets can only lay off brown.motel finally stood for the rockets, however, the rockets signed him again.

2, brown earned$500000 more than a day

why morey should sign brown?in fact, the rockets are want to make up for some the 2017 annual leave via, in order to let the rockets keep wage flexibility, brown eventually chose to sign a guarantee a result, this option does play a role of brown:steven gerrard-green, occupied the number of 15 people, in order to leave space for the signing, so, morey was temporarily laid off brown.

between brown and rockets, always stay in contact.had the news that the rockets are going to sign brown in the form of 10 days of the contract, but the rockets failed to do so.morey choose gave him a contract until the end of the season's contract, as a result, the rockets even lay off brown, brown could also benefit from the rockets got about$500000 salary compensation.although could not walk on the season with the rockets, however, the salary for brown temporarily out of work, is also very timely.

3, the rockets into the most human team?

morey can not sign back to brown.from the point of the strength of rocket squad and brown itself, the rockets need for his tiny, and, in the rockets have a very high expectation:be a buyout would be very keen to join the houston.wright would rather give up the deposit to also want to join the rockets, joe-johnson also between the warriors and houston rockets chose the latter, enough to see the rockets in the attraction of the free agent.

the rockets sign brown only one quota of people, in the powerful expected to continue to contract, morey should be aware that the rockets even sign brown will soon lay off him, but still choose to sign him, can only say that the rockets for mr brown is very heavy righteousness.since the player is willing to sacrifice for the team, so team in time to help him to help.and, morey also have such an idea, one thousand no player wants to join the rockets, so, mr brown will become the rocket title at the end of the puzzle.

of course, there is also a premise, that is you sign the brown will not affect on the overall situation of the rocket.the rockets this season is one of the most important goal, is no more than the luxury tax line.sign, need to use up 500000 brown even sign the wright and johnson again, because only less than a third season, the rockets on two people use a maximum of 1.5 million or so, still more than the luxury tax, now that the luxury tax, so, morey would give him the rocket can give his all, also calculate the best.

so, this time, however, will give morey's behavior some praise.of course, also including the new boss phil's rocket.without the support of his, morey will not do so.

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