liu guoliang to return to the ping do important instructions!domineering reviews chief rival zhang benzhi and strongest malone

on february 12, before the ping head coach liu guoliang ping coach recently in countries take media interview, seems to imply that will return to the ping camps, looking forward to the upcoming world cup team, he said the ping must be champions.he thinks the ping future biggest rival is not a german, but japanese chinese youngster zhang benzhi and 14 years old.

liu guoliang

11 night, liu guoliang update weibo wrote:"the spring festival will come, family get together to watch spring festival gala.the chinese table tennis team won the contest last year, cannot leave you enthusiastic fans and fan support, to work hard in all walks of life you a praise.get over the past year the most great thing to share with me, i will carefully read the comments, i point in china for you.2018 come on together, don't forget to beginner's mind, alongside the chinese table tennis."

it is worth mentioning, liu guoliang issue a dressed in national team shirt standing in the ping pictures of gym, and he also accepted the media interview over the same period, it seemed to herald the liu guoliang return to the land ping is only a matter of time.

liu guoliang update weibo

the team at the 2018 world cup, on february 22-25, held in london, the boys' malone, fanzhendong, xu xin, and in the lin gao yuan, women team led by ding and liu shiwen, zhu yuling wang man yu and chen xingtong entry.

liu guoliang said:"i still believe that the chinese team will win, but between the local events and play, there will be repeated if processes is not good, the chinese team still has absolute power, only when they don't appear problem, we can still rule."

liu guoliang bullish on the ping

liu guoliang said that at present the ping the first person or malone:"if the existing these athletes and understand his love for table tennis, i feel that malone is the strongest, his ability to 100% 100%, or sometimes may, come out to play."


said to the young fanzhendong, liu guoliang said:"you like fanzhendong, actually his technical strength not under malone, but why every time he lost to malone in the competition.this means that reading competition ability, understanding ability for table tennis.this is hard to explain for everyone, this is his lack of experience, or what reason(lost).it is rapidly changing, that one second malone wanted to want to know what he fanzhendong, malone next second thinking?where will he be waiting for him.step two step three, or five the above, any of the coaches and athletes are difficult to fully control, in the control of the game."


the current men's world rankings, germany's men with mr rove and bohr's individual ranking, beyond the chinese team ranked first for the first time in 14 years, the world cup team who will be the top seed, this liu guoliang said:"germany's world rankings than the us, i don't worry about it."

he later said,"but said zhang benzhi and in existing games such achievements were made in this age group, and have the love for table tennis, simply from the play we are same age group athletes to play with him, there is no advantage."

zhang benzhi and

liu guoliang said:"zhang benzhi and will be the largest one(ping) the future state of a variable.zhang benzhi and the biggest bright spots are not necessarily at the 2020 tokyo games, should be in paris in 2024.the next should be sets up one of the most peak state.but i just stood to think in terms of the chinese team coach.japan coach to have this ability, took him to the highest level?to say."

liu guoliang

liu guoliang said this word very reach the designated position, reflected from a chinese table tennis team, means even if you have a prodigy in japan, but i can't without a coach of the chinese so good.

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