this fall draft crazy!double break cow force to the emperor on the bench


76 76-108 victory over the knicks!

the emperor was almost three clock in, details only played three points to clock in at the beginning, was replaced, and never come up, only get 17 points 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

after all around, to protect the four generals, really don't need the emperor himself.

general full eight of 12 shots, scoring 24 points, 4 rebounds.

more to the point is that......

mccomb nai, cow force!

the fall of the 2015 draft is really want to rebel!today bench scored 10 points and 10 rebounds and 11 assists and 6, 4 pairs of data.

played the knicks didn't strike back, let the great details can only be on the bench with deafening"tj!tj!tj!"towel, the cries of hard.

after the emperor with another knife guard winton, mcconnell attacks in cold water.

this is about, you cow force, see me not douse the you.

go back to the locker room, and a wave of cold water to serve.

mitch mcconnell, the expression of expressive write:what can i do?signore given, even ice water, i also initiation.

well, not kidding, now 76 people the atmosphere is really good.

after the emperor of printing kua mcconnell:the goat(greatest).

kobe:............this can not call me?

still familiar smell!the emperor praised his teammates, always so exaggerated.

this is the first time mitch mcconnell career triple-double, is also a history of 76 ers since 1963-64 season, the first time a substitute to get three pairs.

enter since february, mitch mcconnell is the third player can get three pairs of data, the other two are respectively james brooke(twice) and wisconsin(1).

there feel mcconnell cow force?

in the past 10 years, be able to get three pairs and at least six game players, rajon rondo, cornwall, paul, commitments and mitch mcconnell.

have suddenly realized that hiding a big bench may kill 76 people?

when he will be defeated, because almost all of the scout, for him to make the report are:unable to adapt to the nba.

west emperor 13 points and six rebounds and six assists 4 broken 3 cap, was the first man who nearly 9 years.know one can get such data on 76 players who is it?

if all quick forget, iguodala that year is the 76 shirt to wear for many years?

but nobody simmons, after the game, after all, everyone felt such basic data, basic is the norm for him there.

now record is 29-25 of 76 people, this is the first time they nearly 17 years won 29 games before the all-star.the last time to get at least 29 before the all-star games, has been 2000-01 season.that year, 76 people kill into the finals, the qing remember?

is more and more feel the great shout for several years in the process of"trust", to be true!

after i reigns, xu you forever prosperous

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