location retreat time compression & # xd zero goal!with the most injured poly mourinho is barcelona

believe that there are still many domestic fans, focusing on the barcelona game, will inadvertently expect from the super league move past brazilian international poly mourinho scoring goals.because since joining barcelona in the second half of 2017, poly mourinho played often play the role of striker is the anchor position, half of the season into eight la liga goals, not only is two times more than real madrid superstar cristiano ronaldo, but also one of the top ten in the spanish top scorer, so"waist back"the word began to popular in the circle of fans.

however, into 2018 years later, began to significantly reduce the goals, poly mourinho's recent eight games not only failed to score, and there is no assists, this really don't like half has scored eight goals and two assists the excellent players.and the reasons for such changes, mainly poly mourinho playing time is compressed and location is back.

playing time is compressed, the weekend at home to barcelona 0-0 draw by getafe, poly has not only no start, but also more than until the 80th minute to replace busquets, leaving poly mourinho activate the barca attack time is only ten minutes, this is not enough.in addition, the poly mourinho 0 0 goals assists in seven games, poly mourinho averaging time no more than 40 minutes, and contributed to players with more than 70 minutes of playing time.

position was retreated, be the result of library's mourinho joining.pay through library's barcelona, was prepared in the tradition of andres iniesta, but library moutinho holding time is too long, plus the wing active, makes the barcelona squad again into 433, rather than on the second half of 442.this makes poly mourinho play in the true sense of the anchor position retreat, gradually away from the box.

before, omar leave, mr lai and the absence of long-term injury, barcelona very successful 442, living poly mourinho is a very key point, offensive and defensive balance of real best generalization.library's mourinho arrived now, however, has severely affected the poly has the right role in the field and also not good brazilian international, rather than poly mourinho will affect the state, rather than the last injured himself or barcelona.

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