why half session to return to the top?knight of the four new signing the truth zhan emperor this is too bitter, etc

knights and green army met again, but has changed teams like knight, 121-99 road victory, the score is created the celtics season runs high.james played quite easily, three clock also scored three pairs of the data, his teammates to also let little emperors can enjoy the treatment of the work early.even participated in the activities of the present garnett said the knight look so different from before.

this is the magic of the nba, the new signings and my knight teammates finished just less than a full training session, such can show a good chemical reaction.tryon-lu said"they are phenomenal, they work very hard in the field and go all out, to be able to see the players again smile couldn't be better, players began to enjoy the pleasure of playing again."enhancement is the most intuitive knight change initiative.

replace small thomas starting number one for george hill had a good game, scored 12 points, the key is he at enmity with james for the ball, to speak more clear status.hill said:"for us, as long as they can do their work, striving to become the best role players.james is batman, while we are robin, need to understand this point."james's absolute leadership can make the other players.

hood said is james fan since i was a child, very respect for james.but when it comes to hill, hood said:"he is the kind of person who gave me a lot of advice and instruction.i respect him very much."can be seen that although is new, but is very respectful to big brother on the team.substitute 18 minutes scored 15 points, very efficient.and he is also the first time after the team is winning and tweeting celebration, full of positive energy.

the game out of the limelight, clarkson substitute not only cut down after james 17 points, also in the game to send out two steals, offensive and defensive manner.a 3-pointer in the fight, made a merry knight bench, james also got up and cheered for the little brother.clarkson said:"before the game starts, james and i said, 'brother, there is no mistake this sort of thing, you just need to play and shooting, don't worry about making mistakes, free point, do what you can do'."perhaps the encourage confidence.

small, although the data is not gorgeous, but it brought knight need most athletic ability and defensive.james said earlier is not only a defensive player, cutter to run even cic is pretty good.more importantly, from small, to return to his father played for hometown club is very excited, will certainly do our best in the game, dunk.in such a short time, changes in technology and tactics level is limited, the knight is more of a spiritual changed, and this is the most important reason to win the game.

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