rovio words reveal why would after all contract morey know why want to

just and the clippers signed a three-year contract 24 million louis williams, accepted the yahoo! sports reporter shams charania interview, first shams charania asked wei:what about the road before the trade rumors?

rovio said:i've always wanted to die in football teams, at first i thought i would retire in philadelphia, but recently the season i went to too many team(six seasons recently replaced five teams), it makes me feel tired, because each to a place they have them they want everything start again.when trading gossip, can let me feel very upset, because always feel and be part of the deal, because this happened many times, but i really want to settle down in one place, and i was 32 years old and i have a family with children and relatives and friends, every time i don't want my family to see me, need to ask in advance where i live.

shams charania q:you say start again"mean?

rovio said, is to be familiar with different culture, different teammates, coaches, tactics, and position in the team, this is a very slow process.

shams charania ask:you played this season best performance, career in the nba now you could get higher longer contract, why are you in the 24 million(3) the contract signed?

rovio said:because i want to stay here, i want to settle, rather than wandering around, i think i will stay in houston, because i love the city, of course i love los angeles more now.

small make up think daryl morey had thought about leaving road, i am afraid, but considering his ability and data may think the price is too big, and the team have a relatively cheap gordon, the pundits predict middle salary will be between 1200-15 million, so morey can not can not give up the road, never expected that rovio would be so blunt in a a$8 million contract to sign!security for the part and the third year of the contract, guarantee amount is only$1.5 million, in the third year of the clippers have the team option.

rovio also said:i know and understand the nba is a business, but as far as i am concerned, i just want to make clear i'll stay in one place for a long time, don't want to let my children don't know the teams i wear clothes, and they also don't know who to support.

summary, if early know rovio so accommodating a a$8 million contract to keep him, in accordance with morey's sharp degree is certainly not wrap up his trading paul(paul or want to, of course, only road not involved), listened to the road after these words, i don't know daryl morey thinks so, will not regret!rovio really contract is too cheap!

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